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yacht wedding reception ideas

Are you having trouble coming up with a venue for your wedding reception?


Of course, It could be held at a hotel, restaurant, or in your backyard. Yet you want it to be memorable and special, something you can look back on with fondness. 

It is for this reason that you may want to consider a yacht wedding reception. As you start your new lives together, you get to enjoy one of the best days of your lives, overlooking the beautiful ocean views of Marina del Rey.


yacht wedding reception marina del rey

You and your loved ones can enjoy filet mignon or seared salmon drizzled with lemon, sip cocktails, and dance the night away under the stars. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, one that people will remember for years to come. 


We completely understand how important this decision is. That’s why we offer our couples not just the wedding yacht rental, but also catering, videography, flowers, entertainment, beverages, wedding cake services, and more. Our goal is to let you sit back, relax, and enjoy this special time while we do the planning and worrying for you.


You can rely on us to make sure you and your guests are well entertained at your wedding reception. After all, you want it to be memorable and for everyone to have a great time. You’ve picked the perfect venue so you also want to ensure that you have the perfect reception.


Memorable Yacht Wedding Reception Ideas

1. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Incorporate meaningful photos of your guests into the décor to make them feel like part of the day. We like to call this memory lane. Guests can reminisce and socialize as they stroll along the path from the ceremony to the reception and find pictures of themselves with the bride and groom.


You may wonder how having your wedding on a boat can accomplish this. Many areas on our yachts are customizable. The space can be decorated with pictures that the guests can view and experience as they make their way to the reception area. It conveys appreciation for your guests for not only being a part of your lives but helping to celebrate your special day.

2. Create a creative icebreaker

As a newlywed couple, you don’t have to just stroll into your reception arm-in-arm. Skip. Run. Dance. Put your own spin on it. Come up with a creative, appropriate way to make a lasting impression with your partner. It’s a great way to break the ice and create a fun atmosphere.

wedding reception on a yacht

Playing games at the reception can also be a lot of fun for your guests. Here are a couple of ideas to add some laughter and make everyone feel included in the festivities.

During the cocktail hour

In the post-ceremony cocktail hour, your guests can relax, talk, and hopefully make new friends. It’s nice to provide a helpful nudge to get your crowd mingling if it’s from different areas, social groups, and backgrounds. Sure, the cocktails themselves should help, but a few ice-breaker games wouldn’t hurt either. Giving the winner a prize is a great incentive!

The Game: Wedding Guest Bingo

This game takes some organization, but it’s a lot of fun. As part of their RSVP, guests should be asked to share an interesting fact about themselves. You will compile these facts into 4-5 bingo cards, which will be displayed at cocktail hour, along with some mini pencils and the promise of a prize to the first two guests to get a Bingo by matching facts with guests. The competition will certainly spark the competitive spirit in some of your guests, but most will just enjoy the conversation starters.

During Dinner

A traditional game played during the dinner hour (usually between courses and speeches) aims to make the newlywed couple kiss. It is often done using the old-fashioned glass-clinking method, but making it a game adds an element of challenge.

The Game: Make Them Kiss!

Before dinner, be sure to instruct your guests to prepare a song or poem that contains the word love if they’d like to witness the couple kiss. Performing a memorable song-and-dance routine to Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”, for example, can result in lots of laughter.


3. Keep your audience entertained


There is always something exciting about a live band, but guests prefer to hear their favorite songs performed by the original artist. It is possible to hire a dance band and also play DJ music during breaks as a compromise. Live music could be available at some parts of the event, while recorded music is available at others.


4. Organize a dessert buffet


It is safe to assume that most people have a sweet tooth, so allow your guests to create their own dessert. You can reinvent the popular hot fudge station with a cupcake-making station: guests can pile crushed Oreos on cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream or top red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese. A do-it-yourself treat like this is guaranteed to make everyone feel like a kid again!


Warm-weather weddings are the perfect time to get playful with refreshments. Serve a nostalgic Snow-Cone station to your guests. You can rent a shaved-ice machine from a caterer or party rental company. 


Choose from a variety of colorful syrups and even liqueurs to finish off your meal. There are many frozen drinks you can make, including frozen White Russians or orange shaved ice with Grand Marnier. Your party will surely be the talk of the town with this.


5. Create a personalized guest book


While a wedding on a yacht provides instant Instagramable opportunities, you may want to go a little extra. A photo booth has been used at many weddings. If you’d like to try something new, set up a colorful curtain as a backdrop and give guests dry-erase boards and markers. In front of a curtain, they can be photographed with the happy couple and write messages to them. Adding an album of the photos makes a unique guest book, and it’s interactive and inexpensive – you can even have a friend with an iPhone take the pictures.


6. Engage your guests


If you’re looking for entertainment that is unexpected or untraditional, consider Tarot card readers or magicians. You may want to hire a stand-up comic if you love comedians. If you’d like to surprise your guests even more, hire square dance instructors. Guests will have a blast learning line dancing from them. Luxury yacht weddings can be as active as you choose – it’s all in the details!


7. Treat your guests to something sweet 


Consider sending guests off with a midnight snack instead of a traditional favor. You can serve mini donuts and milk to them in takeaway boxes or give out monogrammed cookies, boxes with artisanal chocolates, or even small tins of tea.


There are a lot of new edible wedding favor ideas popping up lately to impress your guests instead of the traditional almonds. There are plenty of edible wedding favors not only tasty but pretty too, so they’re sure to go down as a treat with your guests. From doughnuts to fudge, these sweet treats are sure to be a hit.


Take a look at 14 trending sweet wedding favor ideas, to get some ideas and determine which one best fits with your theme. Which one will you choose?


8. Organize a casual afterparty


Some brides who plan an after-party that is almost as elaborate as the reception. However, what most guests really want is to let loose. Hire a bus or van to transport guests to a local nightclub and save some planning time. It’s okay to go with them if you wish, or to spend some time alone with your partner instead. 


In most cases, the bride and groom do not attend. You and your guests should share a memorable experience at your wedding. You’ll know your event was a success when guests leave feeling that they had a wonderful time.  




One of the most memorable days in your life will be your wedding day. Thousands of hours will be spent planning and preparing all the details to create a memorable day for you, your future spouse, and your guests. 


Do not forget that your closest family and friends have been invited to share this joyous occasion with you, with some even traveling miles to be there. Make sure you use these tips during your planning process to ensure your wedding reception is memorable for them as well. Interested in all inclusive boat wedding packages? Contact us today

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