Learn more about Dandeana from FantaSea Yachts, premium boat rentals in Marina del Rey.

How many guests can she hold?

With her 3 decks, Dandeana can hold up to 100 guests for cocktails and 82 for a seated event.

Will I get sea sick?

Marina del Rey is a protected body of water in the largest man-made Marina in the United States. Our yachts travel through the tranquil harbor of Marina del Rey amongst 8.5 miles of scenic waterway where the scenic views of the Los Angeles coastline and Santa Monica Bay are breathtaking.  There is virtually no risk of seasickness or motion sickness cruising these calm waters.

Where is Marina del Rey?

We are in a great central location about 10 minutes north of LAX, just south of Venice and Santa Monica.

How soon should I book?

ASAP! Dates fill quickly sometimes even a year plus in advance and we are not able to hold dates without a deposit and signed contract.

Can guests come and go?

Not typically. While we can certainly re-dock for emergencies, once we leave the dock, we do cruise until the end of the event.  However, we are always happy to stay at the dock longer or return early.  The yacht is yours, you tell us when you want to cruise.

How late can we stay out?

We can stay out as late as 12 a.m.

Are there any local hotels?

Certainly! We are within walking distance of 4 hotels and several more with just a short drive. Not only are we a superb location for boat rentals in Marina del Rey, we are centrally located within the harbor.

What happens if it rains?

Each of our venues has ample interior space to host the entire party inside, so rain is not a problem at all.   In fact, some of our best parties have been when it is raining.  

Are children allowed?

Certainly! If you are comfortable having children on board, we are happy to have them. There are no age restrictions.

Are pets allowed?

We are happy to allow service pets, but do not permit any other animals on board.

Do I need to wear a life vest?

You do not need to wear a life vest while aboard one of our yachts; they are for emergency use only.

Can I bring my own vendors?

You certainly can! We do have a resource list with our favorite vendors including DJ’s and Photographers, but we also welcome your personal vendors aboard our yachts.

Can I bring my own catering?

You certainly can! We do have a resource list with our favorite vendors from DJ’s and Photographers to Chocolate Fountains, but welcome your personal vendors on property.

Where do I park?

Marina del Rey has several Los Angeles County public parking lots close to our yachts.  They are operated by an automated gate. Rates vary based on the season. As there are numerous docks from which to embark, please confirm the address for your invitations and guests with your Event Producer.

Can I use your pictures on my invitations?

Yacht pictures may be used with our pleasure. However, we do need to see a proof so we can authorize before going to print.

How much does it cost?

There are 2 primary costs for all events: (1) yacht fee; and (2) food and beverage selections. We pride ourselves on being able to custom-tailor your package for you, and can certainly do our best to work with a budget. 

May we order special meals (vegetarian, kosher, etc…)?

Yes, but please notify us as soon as possible and we will do our best to make arrangements.

Do you do food tastings?

No. Unfortunately, due to our small staff, we cannot do food tastings.

Are we permitted to provide our own alcohol, or have it donated?

Though you are not allowed to provide your own hard alcohol, you can certainly bring in your own wine and champagne selections for a corkage fee.

Do you charge a gratuity?

No. Gratuities may be accepted by the waitstaff, but we do not add a gratuity to the bill.

Do you have background music available?

Yes, each of our venues comes with a house sound system; you are more than welcome to provide your own CDs or an iPod.

How long can an event last?

Typically our events last 4 hours, but we can certainly can adjust for more or less time depending on the needs of your event.

Is there handicapped access?

Sure is! See our accessibility page for more information.


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