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When it comes to a wedding on a yacht, one of the key reasons people adore this luxury experience is its unparalleled ease. Planning a wedding can be a stressful endeavor, but choosing a yacht wedding offers the advantage of having an in-house event team entirely devoted to making your special day exceptional. 

Imagine having your own dedicated wedding dream team, ready to handle logistics, menu planning, brainstorming unique touches, and flawlessly executing your vision down to the finest details (edible flowers in your signature cocktail? Absolutely achievable!).

Weddings on a yacht are our most sought-after events, and as such, they tend to generate numerous inquiries and misconceptions. Let’s debunk the top ten myths we frequently encounter!

Myth #1: My Guests Will Get Seasick 

Experience worry-free cruising on our yachts in the serene and sheltered waters of Marina del Rey. Because we stay in the harbor, there are no waves. The risk of getting seasick is highly unlikely. We’ve been cruising the Marina waters for 41 years and have yet to see a guest get motion sickness. You can sit back and enjoy your time without fear of getting sick.

Myth #2: No Man Left Behind

People are often worried that because our yachts have a departure time, there is a chance one of their guests will run late and miss the boat…literally. Rest assured, that we are committed to ensuring that doesn’t happen!

Departure from Marina del Rey for a wedding on a yacht

Our dedicated team offers expert recommendations for timing, ensuring a seamless experience. Moreover, we maintain open lines of communication to warmly welcome and accommodate every guest on board.

Myth #3: No Place for the Bride to Prepare

Couples are pleased to learn that each of our yachts has its own dedicated bridal suite (our yachts are full of pleasant surprises!).This dedicated space offers privacy for last-minute touch-ups, dress primping, and indulging in champagne as the bride prepares to gracefully walk down the aisle. It also serves as a serene sanctuary for couples to steal a moment of tranquility amidst the festivities. Additionally, it provides a convenient spot for brides to change into a stunning reception dress, if desired.

Myth #4: Limited Capability

Getting married on a yacht doesn’t mean you’re limited on space. In fact, our yachts offer abundant room for your imagination to flourish! Picture our yachts as expansive blank canvases that transform into enchanting settings for each unique wedding celebration. 

With multiple floors encompassing sky decks and inviting lounge areas, these spaces become exclusively yours to craft the perfect ambiance. We have witnessed and executed a wide range of extraordinary events in these versatile spaces, and we’re ready to bring your creative vision to life.

A yacht wedding ceremony before the guests arrive

Myth #5: Yachts are Expensive

Yes, yacht rentals for weddings can be expensive but that’s not always the case. We plan boat weddings for all budgets and sit down with our clients to discuss different options. Consider a wedding yacht rental to be a venue just like renting indoor space at a hotel or estate – but way better! We take pride in creating life’s special moments and are honored to do so.

Myth #6: The Wedding Ceremony Will be an Afterthought

Some mistakenly believe that a yacht wedding diminishes the focus on the bride and groom due to the novelty of having a wedding ceremony on a yacht. Not true! If anything, a yacht wedding creates a unique backdrop for an intimate event. Surrounded by the breathtaking views of Marina del Rey and your guests, the yacht setting amplifies the uniqueness and significance of your union, ensuring an extraordinary celebration – just ask a yacht wedding specialist.

Myth #7: No Religious Ceremonies on a Yacht

No matter your religious preferences, we can accommodate any type of ceremony on our yachts. Alternatively, our captains are ordained to perform wedding ceremonies on any of our yachts.  

Myth #8: Yacht Clothing Required

There is no special dress code for a yacht wedding other than what is dictated by the wedding couple i.e. formal vs. informal. You dress for a yacht wedding just as you would dress for a wedding on land. 

Sometimes people believe they need to dress extra warm because they are on the water. There is generous interior space on the yacht where the wedding is hosted if you get chilly. 

Also, no need to wear a life vest. We have them available for emergencies. 

Myth #9: Children Can’t Attend 

If the bride and groom are comfortable with having children attend the wedding then they are welcomed! We have no age restrictions.

Children attending a yacht wedding at FantaSea Yachts in Marina del Rey

Our yachts are safe and well-run.

Myth #10: Can’t Use Outside Vendors 

You absolutely can use your own vendors! We have a resource list of our experienced and favorite vendors at your disposal, but you are welcome to provide your own preferred vendors, too. 

Myth #11: Yacht Weddings are Complicated 

A yacht wedding is no more difficult to plan for than a wedding on land. Your wedding will have a dedicated planner who will coordinate every detail for your big day. Our boat wedding venues come with all amenities associated with a luxurious setting. You don’t have to worry about the details – simply enjoy! 

About FantaSea Yachts

If you’ve chosen a yacht wedding as the perfect option for your big day, FantaSea Yachts is ready to turn your dreams into reality. Let us guide you through the process of getting married on a yacht and create a truly memorable occasion that will last a lifetime. 

Ready to plan your yacht wedding? Give us a call at (310) 827-2220 or submit an event query form

As a premier special-events company, we have elevated the standards of yacht rentals, offering an unparalleled level of attention and top-notch service. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a stellar reputation as the ultimate destination for unforgettable celebrations on the water. With over 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary experiences that are unmatched in the industry.

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Ready to plan your yacht wedding? Give us a call at (310) 827-2220 or submit an event query form

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