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yacht wedding in Marina del Rey

California is known for many things. Warm sunshine. The glitz and glamor of Tinseltown. Palm trees and flip-flops.

But perhaps its biggest claim to fame is the ocean. Beach life, fun surf, and ocean sunsets.


Now you can add yacht weddings to that list. 


From Napa Valley to Big Sur, it’s no secret that California is the land of honeymoons. So it only makes sense that it’s a popular destination for weddings.


And with the ocean being the state’s main attraction, getting married on a yacht seems nothing short of California dreaming. 

Here are four reasons why yacht weddings in California strike gold.

2. Views, views, views

One of the biggest perks of hosting a yacht wedding is that you’re on the water.

And once you’re on the water, you are only minutes away from some of the best, most unique views in Los Angeles.

Our yacht cruises take guests through the beautiful Marina del Rey harbor. From million-dollar yachts and sailboats to marine life and blue skies, there are so many Instagram-worthy backdrops (don’t forget your selfie stick!).

wedding couple in marina del rey

Views you’ll never see unless you’re on one of our yachts.

The grand finale of our incredible views is the Pacific Ocean.

Guests gather on our sky decks to snap pics, feel the ocean breeze against their skin, or simply savor the moment.

To the north are world-famous Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, and Malibu.

To the south is the bustle of Manhattan Beach, globe-trotting LAX, and if you’re lucky, a peek at Catalina Island.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for dolphins.

The views are what make yacht weddings in California so incredibly special.

2. VIP for your VIPs

Hosting your wedding reception on a yacht is a unique experience in itself. 


When was the last time you walked the red carpet to board a luxury yacht? Or were greeted with champagne upon arrival?

a wedding boat rental in Marina de Rey

You can check that off the list with our hallmark hospitality and a wedding boat rental from our luxury yacht fleet.

Our highly dedicated and experienced team takes great pride in creating the ultimate experience for every guest that boards our yachts. We pay attention to details and go the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service.

It’s what we’ve done for 42+ years – and wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Also, it’s a fun fact that we’ve hosted celebrity weddings and parties on our yachts. And our yacht fleet has even been featured in several films and television shows.

Celebrating on the same yacht as a Hollywood A-lister? Can’t get any more VIP (or California) than that!

3. Absolute perfect weather in California

If the views aren’t enough to consider a yacht wedding in California, then let us lure you with the weather.


Sunny temps virtually every day of the year.


Clear blue skies as bright as the ocean.


Light jackets in December (you can leave the parka at home!). 


And a cool breeze to top it all off.

California yacht wedding

With amazing weather year-round, you don’t have the unwanted stress of any elements that could impact your wedding.


Snow? High winds? Tropical storms? Tornadoes? Rain?

Nope, nope, nope, nope and – you guessed it – nope!


That’s one less thing to worry about. Thank you California weather gods.


4. Customization

Yacht wedding receptions are appealing because you have the entire yacht to yourself.


From the dance floor to the sky deck, the entire yacht is yours to customize exactly how you want.

yacht wedding reception in California

But we just don’t customize space.

We customize experiences. And in California, that means everything from cultural celebrations to traditional foods. The incredible exposure to different cultures and traditions is part of the beauty of getting married in a diverse area like Los Angeles. 


We’ve been honored to incorporate signature traditions into our yacht weddings. Rising to the task and making it happen for our brides and grooms is something we take great pride in.


Right down to our menu.

We can customize your menu to accommodate a range of diets (again, Los Angeles makes it easy).


Gluten free? Yes.
Vegan? Absolutely.

Vegetarian? No problem.

Kosher? We have your back.


No ask or request is too big or daunting. We like to think that we’ve seen, heard and done it all (where we could). 


Let us help customize your yacht wedding to be the day of your dreams.


After all, that’s California dreaming, right?

Ready to plan your California yacht wedding? Our event specialists are ready for your call. Contact us at (310) 827 – 2220 or submit an event query form.

We can’t wait to welcome you aboard.

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