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Your yacht wedding will be the celebration of a lifetime

We’ve seen this math play out about a million times:

1 Nervous Couple +
2 Sides of 2 Different Families x
200 of Your Nearest and Dearest =
Everything Had Better Be Perfect or Heads Will Roll

We totally get that math, in fact, we embrace it. That’s precisely why every yacht wedding we’ve ever produced has been so special. The stakes are high, and we relish every opportunity to throw the best parties in the world for the most wonderful people we could possibly hope to meet!

How do we ensure that your boat wedding will be smooth sailing? It’s a simple formula (to continue the math analogy):

Step 1: We Handle Everything.
Plain and simple – whatever you need, our expert party planners get it done within the budget you’ve agreed to. From full-on wedding planning, where our staff is ushering in your wedding party, to more a more hands-off approach where we only make recommendations when asked. With FantaSea Yachts, you’re getting more than just a beautiful ship, you’re accessing more than 200 years of wedding expertise and passion.

Step 2: Picturesque Views in Every Direction
Imagine celebrating on a coastal wonderland with your dearest family members, and your best friend who just became your life partner – that is precisely what a yacht wedding from FantaSea delivers. With a calm, serene ocean, a perfect sunset, and the gorgeous Marina Del Rey coastline, FantaSea delivers the most photographed, Instagrammed, Tweeted and Snapped private events in the city.

Step 3: Plenty of Space, Never a Sick Day
When considering a yacht wedding, brides and grooms can be concerned with a few things – and, in our four decades in business, we can alleviate your concerns. Some are worried that there won’t be enough space to handle your entire guest list; we can comfortably accommodate up to 300, so no worries there. There’s is also a concern about seasickness – our ships sail at a smooth, calm rate that is far less intense than a typical car ride. There is virtually no risk of seasickness or motion sickness cruising these calm waters.

The only missing ingredient… is you!
Contact us today for a no-obligation, no-hassle quote.

Categories: Yacht WeddingBy Published On: December 18, 2020
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