FantaSea Yachts seeks to provide accurate, positive and helpful information about accessibility for our guests. We hope to provide a quality yacht experience for all of our guests, including our disabled guests, as best we can, consistent with the limitations inherent in marine construction and safety.

All of FantaSea’s yachts are docked at Los Angeles County-owned facilities adjacent to public parking facilities with designated handicap parking. There is unobstructed path of travel from parking to the yachts along paved walk areas. With advance notice, our crew can usually arrange to meet and assist guests from car-side to yacht-side.

All yachts board from a floating dock which is accessible from a sloping gangway from the shore, wide enough and strong enough to allow a roll-down of wheelchairs to yacht-side.

Our largest yacht, FantaSea One, has been specially modified with a disabled restroom facility, and the ability to access the yacht by a wheelchair accessible ramp. FantaSea One also has elevator capability to three of its four decks.

For our smaller yachts, Dandeana and Regentsea, and for more detailed information about FantaSea One, guests are encouraged to contact us by telephone to speak with one of our Disability Accommodation Specialists, at 310-827-2220, any time, to address particular ways FantaSea Yachts can provide a positive marine experience. You may also contact us online.

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