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There are many reasons couples choose to have a yacht wedding in Marina del Rey.

Picture this: the gentle sway of turquoise waves, a radiant sun painting the sky in hues of gold, and you, surrounded by the ones you cherish most, exchanging vows atop a luxurious yacht. 

A Marina del Rey yacht wedding isn’t just an event; it’s a breathtaking journey into matrimonial bliss that combines the allure of a seaside paradise with the elegance of a high-end affair.

a romantic yacht wedding in marina del rey

As we embark on this voyage of discovery, we’ll unveil the top five compelling reasons why savvy couples are opting for the enchantment and allure of a yacht wedding in this coastal gem.

1. Location, Location, Location!


You’ve heard us say it before and we’ll continue to shout it from the top of our yachts’ sky decks. A wedding in Marina del Rey never goes out of style. With shimmering water as your backdrop, ocean views (including those sunset spectaculars), and that cool coastal breeze, there is no better place to embrace that famed California sunshine.

But that’s not all. The Marina is a hot wedding destination because of all it offers.

From global hotel chains and boutique properties to waterfront dining, there are plenty of accommodations to keep your wedding guests happy and stress-free. There are also activities like biking, stand-up paddleboarding, and nearby popular attractions like Venice Beach and Santa Monica for those looking to make the most of their stay.

The other advantage to hosting your wedding in Marina del Rey is its proximity to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Only four miles away, getting to and from the airport is a breeze – and avoids the dreaded freeway traffic you often hear about when visiting Los Angeles.


2. Experience Matters

Hosting your wedding with FantaSea Yachts means joining forces with a team of event virtuosos who have not only mastered the intricacies of the Marina’s waters but have also become intimately acquainted with the heartbeat of the community. 

Our knowledge extends beyond the waves, encompassing the very essence of Marina del Rey. 

From the optimal moments to capture stunning photographs against breathtaking backdrops, to insider recommendations for group dining and accommodations, we’ve cultivated a network of local gems to elevate your experience. 

Collaborating seamlessly with esteemed local vendors, we curate your wedding dream team, ensuring that every facet of your celebration sparkles with perfection.

Our passion for weddings  is in our DNA, and our expertise runs deep with a legacy spanning over 40 years. At FantaSea Yachts, planning yacht wedding receptions isn’t merely a service; it’s an art form that we’ve refined to the highest degree. 

Meticulously choreographing every element, from the tiniest intricacies to orchestrating a flawlessly flowing event, we take pride in our unparalleled attention to detail. Our expertise combined with our enduring presence in the Marina del Rey community is an unbeatable combination.


3. Yacht Weddings are Special

There is something truly special about making your wedding a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. And a yacht rental for a wedding is just the ticket.  

Our yachts stand as the ultimate embodiment of that captivating “wow” factor, an invitation to embark on a voyage of unparalleled luxury and exclusivity.

Imagine this: as your guests step onto the yacht’s deck, they are greeted by our signature red carpet arrival, a grand gesture that instantly sets the tone for a day of magnificence.

yacht weddings are special

The exclusivity of the yacht becomes a stage upon which your love story unfolds, making your guests feel like they’re worth a million bucks.

Unlike conventional venues, where spaces are shared and privacy can be compromised, our yachts offer an entire world of splendor dedicated solely to your celebration. 

The yacht becomes your haven. Dance beneath the stars, capture Instagram-worthy moments against the backdrop of the open sea, and cherish those intimate exchanges that only a private haven can provide. No interruptions from other events, no queues for restrooms, no unexpected wedding interlopers. 

It’s a sanctuary of focus ensuring that the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the cherished individuals who have gathered to honor your love story on this special day.

4. Entertainment and Leisure Options Close By


As friends and family fly in from around the country for this once-in-a-lifetime yacht wedding, the fun doesn’t have to end when the ceremony is over and the ship returns to shore.

Thanks to its strategic location along the coast, your guests can make a wonderful vacation out of the trip.

Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios, the Getty Center and so many more famous Southern California attractions are just a short rental car or Uber ride away.

And if they’re staying in the Marina del Rey area for its proximity to the Fantasea Yachts fleets, there are a plethora of delicious restaurants and welcoming bars to make the wedding event into a weekend or multi-day affair.


5. A Customized Experience

Working with our expert wedding planners, you’ll be in control of every aspect of your incredible boat wedding. Literally, you have a say in everything except steering the yacht.

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Cocktails
  • Music

You’ll work with our team to concoct the perfect food choices. We will also detail any specifications when it comes to food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Beverages will also provide an opportunity to taper your wedding on our yacht to the needs of your family and friends. Make it entirely sober or offer top-shelf alcohol. It’s all up to you. Something fun to try: amuse your guests with a unique drink that is named after the bride and groom.

custom wedding experience on a yacht

Of course, music is a vital part of any ceremony, and whether you choose a DJ spinning your favorite songs or a live band to create the jams to dance the night away, our yachts will accommodate your most personal preference.

Our yacht wedding planners have been organizing and throwing memorable weddings for over 40 years.

Treat yourself to an incredible experience that captures your perfect day with a picture-perfect setting you and your guests will never forget.

A wedding is not only a day to remember, but one that you and your guests will cherish forever and never forget.

Ready to plan your special wedding experience? Give us a call at (310) 827-2220 or submit an event query form.

People Also Ask

How much does it cost to get married on a yacht? 

Yacht weddings vary in price depending on a number of factors including yacht rental fee, number of guests, deposits, sales tax, and service fees. Contact us for help with choosing the right wedding package for you. 


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