Knot Too Shabby

FantaSea Yachts Harbor Great Parties

An old-school business model that rewards hard work, integrity, and character seems to be alive and well at Marina del Rey.

FantaSea Yachts, well into its fifth decade in business, continues to provide plenty of opportunities for those who want to hold special events such as weddings, corporate shindigs, mitzvahs and so much more with a bit of pizzazz on the proverbial high seas.

Owner Daniel Ginzburg, who took the baton from his father, Uri, says that his company is the “longest standing yacht charter company in Marina del Rey,” with parties that can host 25 to upward of 300 guests.

“We have two yachts, the Dandeana (which holds up to 100 guests) and Fantasy One (up to 250 guests),” Ginzburg says. “All of our full-time staff have worked with us for at least 20 years and many close to 30 years with a lot of our kids working there part-time in the summers as serving staff. It’s really a three-generation company.”

Ginsburg says one major factor in FantaSea’s long-term viability is because of “excellent customer service,” while recognizing you are “only as good as your last event.” 

He stated that the focus of his company is to care as a team and for all individuals and to do the job at a high level.

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