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The date is set, and your RSVP is confirmed. And you’ve likely spread the word that you’ll soon be attending a party on a yacht in Marina del Rey (because why wouldn’t you?).

But the question still remains…What do you wear?

At FantaSea Yachts, we often hear this from clients hosting an event aboard one of our luxury yachts. Our answer is simple – it depends on the party and the time of day. We’ve compiled a few tips to jumpstart your yacht party inspo board. 

What do I wear to a daytime yacht event?

When the sun is out, it’s a great time to play on the water. We’ve planned countless celebrations – brunches, lunchtime events, and casual cruises – for different groups during the day.

All guest attire tends to be similar. Breezy. Light. Think linen pants or jackets, flowing dresses, polo or oxford shirts… relaxed but stylish.

This is your chance to dress differently than your normal attire; leave the jeans, t-shirts, leggings, and board shorts at home, and impress your fellow partygoers with a well-put-together outfit.

It never hurts to sport a nautical-themed look (navy stripes and gold accents, included) to pay homage to the setting. Don’t think of it as gimmicky – it’s part of the fun! If you’re looking for nautical inspiration, check out this article, 12 Ultra Cute Ways to Wear Nautical-Inspired Clothes. 

For daytime yacht parties, we recommend flat shoes, strappy sandals, low wedges for the ladies, and a pair of classic loafers for the gentlemen. 

What do I wear to a nighttime yacht party?

Whether it’s a boat wedding, milestone bash, or company party, nighttime yacht parties are always magical. From twinkling lights to starry skies, the moment you step onto one of our rooftop sky decks prepared to be WOWED. And that in itself is more than enough reason to dress up extra special. 

Nighttime parties are great for cocktail dresses and semi-formal attire. Ladies, you don’t want to wear anything too long to avoid someone stepping on your dress or your shoe getting caught on the fabric. Go for comfortable glamor.

If you opt for a cocktail dress, make sure the length is appropriate. Have fun accessorizing with statement jewelry and your favorite clutch or small shoulder bag (avoid a large tote or purse for an ultra-chic look).

For men, simplicity is the name of the game. Unless the event calls for formal attire, steer away from a tuxedo.

Top options include a classic suit, dress slacks with a nice blazer and tie, or dress slacks with a sports coat and tie. Not sure what the difference is between a suit jacket, blazer, and sports coat? This Jos.A.Bank article breaks it down

Of course, if your celebration is a yacht wedding, that will bring into account a more specific set of dressing dos and don’ts. Often formal attire will be the norm, but you should always ask your friends who are hosting their wedding on a yacht to see if the ceremony and reception is formal or casual.

Similarly, if the affair is a birthday yacht rental, then check with the hosts to learn if they are planning a unique theme that would require a specific fashion statement.  

What should I always take to a celebration on a  yacht?

There are two stand-out answers to this question: A light sweater or jacket (it’s always cooler on the water), and your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Other considerations include sunscreen, a fashionable hat, hair ties (in case it’s too breezy), and lip balm or chapstick.

People often ask if motion sickness medication is needed. Our answer is no.

The great thing about our cruises is that we stay in the Marina del Rey harbor and don’t go past the breakwater. This eliminates any wave activity (there are NO waves), which makes for an easy, smooth ride. There is virtually no risk of seasickness or motion sickness cruising these calm waters.

What not to wear to a yacht party?

This may seem obvious, but high heels or stilettos are probably the least popular accessory on ANY yacht cruise – day OR night. We also recommended avoiding super casual flip-flops as the look can appear sloppy.  

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out these articles that will help you finesse your party style… anchors aweigh!

Ready to plan your party? Contact FantaSea Yachts today and let one of our agents help you plan the perfect event – no matter how big or small! Our team of party planners is ready to help plan your best party yet! Give us a call at (310) 827-2220 or submit an event query form to get started.


FAQ for Yacht Party Attire Essentials

1. What essentials should I bring to a yacht party?

Always bring a light sweater or jacket, as it tends to be cooler on the water, and your favorite sunglasses. Other useful items include sunscreen, a fashionable hat, hair ties, and lip balm. Motion sickness medication is generally not needed for our smooth Marina del Rey harbor cruises, which experience no wave activity

2. Are there any specific accessories I should bring to a yacht party?

Yes, essential accessories for a yacht party include a light sweater or jacket, as it can be cooler on the water, and sunglasses. Additionally, consider bringing sunscreen, a fashionable hat, hair ties, and lip balm. Avoid large bags; a small clutch or shoulder bag is ideal.

3. What types of shoes are appropriate for a yacht party?

For yacht parties, choose flat shoes, strappy sandals, or low wedges for women, and classic loafers for men. Avoid high heels or stilettos, as they are impractical on a yacht, and steer clear of casual flip-flops for a more polished look.



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