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Boat Wedding Trends 2022 California

Can you name any couples you know who were married on a boat? Maybe not many, so why not be the first to tie the knot there? There is nothing more romantic and memorable than a boat wedding

Imagine saying your “I do’s” under the stars on a luxury yacht or an open-air deck of a cruise ship while the wind blows through your hair and the open water behind you makes the perfect backdrop for your big day. Bring dinner on board and dance the night away under the stars. 

With your stunning wedding photos and lasting memories, your guests will never forget your special day. The open water is a great place to get married and chartering a yacht is a fabulous choice. Before you start planning, read on to learn about the pros associated with boat weddings, wedding trends for 2022, and tips for an amazing boat wedding.

A Boat Wedding: Why You Should Have One

boat wedding trends marina del rey

Reason 1: Stunning views

You can’t get more beautiful than being surrounded by the waters of Marina del Rey. Your wedding photographer will capture picturesque moments from the sun’s reflection on the water to the distant shoreline views on your special day.

Reason 2: Your decor can be customized

Yachts by design exude elegance. Add your own vision and style to personalize the look and feel for your special day. Your dream wedding space on a yacht can be customized for any type of theme. 

Reason 3: The yacht has everything you need

We handle everything when it comes to your reception, including tables, chairs, linens, glassware, catering, bartending, and everything in between. You do not have to spend your engagement scouting for every single vendor because everything is all set up for you.

Reason 4: Everything in One Place

Remember attending a wedding where there are time lapses between the ceremony and reception? Or worse, when you had to travel between the ceremony and the reception? Boat weddings provide the sole destination for you and your guests. As soon as they board, the fun and celebrations are non-stop. Just add water! 

Wedding Trends for 2022

2022 wedding trends FantaSea Yachts

1 – Unusual Wedding Attire

Individuality is one of the wedding trends we are loving for 2022. A lot of brides are disregarding traditional wedding traditions and making their own rules.

The traditional white wedding gown can be tinted, or bold wedding gowns can be worn, or even no gown will do. They are dressed in cosplay, leather, feathers, and outfits you normally only see at the Met Gala. Nothing is off-limits. It’s all fun. You make the rules.

2 – Intimate Weddings

Having an intimate wedding may allow for some fun food options that may not be available for larger events. You can have a pizza station, appetizers only, or picnic-style dining at an intimate wedding. Did we mention this can all be achieved with our all-inclusive boat wedding packages

A rustic, industrial-chic, country or whimsical wedding ceremony is intimate and cozy. Modern and natural wedding styles blend to create an intimate atmosphere. Such intimate weddings can be streamed online via Zoom, Facebook, Google Hangout, or YouTube. 

You can even send paperless invitations to your guests. Describe your plans for the day and any rituals that may take place. Make a wedding video that you can send to your guests after the event. With a boat wedding being so unique and special, you can still allow those who cannot attend to see the event.

Brides are scaling back guest lists and scaling up designs now more than ever before. Personalized touches at every stage of your wedding are therefore more possible and can be achieved beautifully on a yacht.

3 – Color Trends for the Win

Setting your wedding’s color palette is part of putting all the pieces together. Couples and brides are more likely to create amazingly unique color combinations and themes to bring their wedding day to life now than ever before.

Bright Colors

Traditionally, wedding colors have been a popular choice for couples planning a tropical, beach, or destination wedding, however, it seems that more couples are choosing this theme for weddings elsewhere as well. Weddings in the spring and summer seem to be all about the bright and bold colors of pink, blue, green, and orange.

Dark Color Palette

Dark colors are no longer only associated with moody wedding color palettes but are taking over Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds everywhere. Not because couples want to shadow their big day, but because these color themes are rich and complex, making them an excellent choice for couples who wish to plan a fall or winter wedding without going with the traditional hues.

4 – Fashion, Hair & Make-up Trends

A wedding is not complete without fashion. Each season we see new wedding fashions emerge, from the bridal gown to the bridesmaid dresses. 

The 2022 season is all about fashion at weddings, from pantsuits to one-shouldered gowns and white bridesmaids’ dresses. Two-piece wedding dresses, also known as bridal separates, are becoming increasingly popular. Modern reception trends like these allow brides to seamlessly transition from ceremony to reception with very little effort.

Puff Sleeves, Corsets, and Bridesmaid Fashion, Oh My!

Historically, wedding designs have tended to be simple and clean. This year’s counter-response, puff sleeves, embraces old-world charm and romance. A corset is both a historical fashion staple and a modern way to artistically sculpt your looks. 

Wedding dress trends today encourage brides to wear corsets as an outer layer. The year 2022 will be the year that bridalwear breaks even further from tradition, including bridesmaids and guests. Instead of dresses, expect more pant suits and vibrant, more colorful prints.

Hair and Make-up Rule the Day!

Perfect makeup and hair are a must for any wedding day look. The makeup trends for brides have changed, and now include metallic shades, dramatic red lips, and a natural but bold look. 

The hair trend is moving toward floral crowns, beach waves, and braids. It is no longer unusual for brides to spend as much time planning their wedding hair and makeup as they do their dresses and shoes.

5 – Food Trends

When it comes to weddings, people always remember if the food was good or not! You can keep your wedding trendy and delicious by trying some of these tasty wedding food trends.

Couples are getting more creative when it comes to desserts for weddings these days, and the cake is a big show stopper. We are seeing some delicious cake ideas in 2022, from drip cakes to metallic cakes to mini cakes.

The wedding planning process is increasingly dominated by menu ideas as couples get more and more creative with what and how they serve their guests.


The quality of the food served at weddings is becoming increasingly important. In monoportions, guests are treated to thoughtful, adventurous single servings instead of buffets. As a result, the presentation of the meal is enhanced and makes guests feel as if each bite was specially designed for them.

Pre-ceremony Cocktails

Offering guests a pre-ceremony cocktail will kick off the festivities. Before the ceremony begins, guests can enjoy a glass of champagne or a signature cocktail. It is easy to welcome your guests in style if you host your wedding on a yacht, as the bar is close to the ceremony.

Tips for an Amazing Boat Wedding

wedding trends FantaSea Yachts

It’s a unique and memorable experience to exchange vows on a boat, namely a chartered yacht. Wedding yacht rentals are a great choice for many reasons. A boat wedding offers many advantages over a traditional celebration, such as gorgeous city skylines or picturesque coastlines, with an all-inclusive boat wedding package.

Make your nautical nuptials as memorable as possible by following these tips:

1 – Organize your guest list. The boat may have a large capacity, but your guests may be split between floors or the dance floor may be far from the seating. When a boat is packed to capacity, little room is left for socializing and decor. Knowing how many guests you’re having in advance will influence your other decisions during the wedding planning process. 

2 – It’s important to think about how you’ll photograph your family and wedding party. Consider the time of day your wedding takes place as this will influence when you schedule time with your photographer. Need an experienced yacht photographer? We got you covered. We have a list of vendors who know how to take the right shot. 

3 – Let professionals guide the planning process. You’re less likely to stress over the planning and wedding day details if you work with a trusted professional. At FantaSea Yachts, we’ve been creating beautiful weddings for over 40 years. You’ll have a dedicated planner and experienced event team at your disposal. You don’t have to do a thing! 

4 – Make sure your venue can accommodate all of your guests. Accessible entrances should be available for guests who are in wheelchairs. 


We would be glad to help you determine what boat is best to accommodate your special day, and what add-ons might make it even more special. Submit an event query for more information – we are ready to help. Remember…the planning process doesn’t need to stress you out! Our planners are here to make it a fun and easy experience.

People Also Ask

What should an all-inclusive wedding package include? Look for an experienced team to handle all aspects of the wedding. Check out this list of more important things to look for in an all-inclusive yacht wedding package. 

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