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No matter how big or small, extravagant or simple, birthdays are always special. 

And who doesn’t love a party? 

But instead of a beach party or house party, why not throw a yacht birthday party

The milestones in your life should be memorable and should be cherished forever. Plan an unforgettable celebration for your special day that will leave your guests raving for years to come! 

If only for a short time, it would be fun to indulge in an exclusive adventure for your birthday. Spend a day as celebrities do, a day you and the people you love will never forget. Enjoy a day of cruising aboard a luxury yacht.

You may believe that a special birthday party can take a lot of time, effort, and money. But that’s not always true! FantaSea Yachts has been making yacht parties exciting, relaxing and stylish for over 40 years. 

It’s no wonder yacht birthday party invitations are the most coveted of all. They’re luxurious, chic, and exclusive by their very nature. If you’re hosting, it’s an opportunity to show off your taste and style. 

A yacht birthday party is the ultimate expression of class and elegance. In addition to being casual and fun, they can also be some of the most whimsical and extravagant events around. 

It’s time to get started now that you know why your yacht birthday party will be unforgettable!

5 Simple Steps to Throwing a Killer Yacht Birthday Party

1. Decide on a Theme for the Party

Party planning begins with your vision. When the theme is selected, the invites can be sent out so that the guests know what to wear and what to expect. 

Birthday party themes can be anything. It could be music and dress from your guest’s birth year – 70’s party, anyone?  Maybe you want to throw a red carpet-themed party for your favorite movie-loving birthday person. 

Anything goes! 

Depending on your needs, themed parties can be simple or outrageous.

You can then decide what kind of decorations, favors, and menu to have. Themes don’t even have to be specific. You can simply decorate the yacht with your favorite color scheme or select party favors that are related to your theme. 

decorations for yacht birthday party

After that, you can decide what kind of entertainment should be provided on the yacht. There really are so many yacht party ideas to choose from.

2. Determine the Venue for the Party

At FantaSea Yachts, we believe that the destination should be as amazing as the yacht itself. 

Your guests are sure to be enthralled by the majesty of the Marina del Rey harbor.  Marina del Rey includes scenic waterways, an abundance of wildlife, and magnificent views of the Los Angeles coastline. 

FantaSea Yachts caters to the day’s and evening’s activities so your birthday is a day filled with memories. 

A birthday yacht charter can be scheduled in the morning where the activity of the harbor is a perfect backdrop for your party. Or, you can arrange a  sunset cruise and dinner to celebrate your special day into the night. 

yacht birthday party marina del rey

Choosing the right date and time for your yacht birthday party in Los Angeles is imperative to serve as a good host. 

But what about the weather?  

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about planning for the weather or rough water. The tranquil waters of Marina del Rey virtually guarantee smooth sailing. Known for our year-round amazing weather, it’s easy to plan a yacht birthday party for day or night with confidence. 

As soon as the date and time of your yacht birthday party are set, it’s time to figure out whom to invite.

3. Create the Guest List

Choosing the invitee list can be tough, but it is important to determine what kind of yacht to charter so that your guests are comfortable and well served. Taking the time to figure this out will make your planning easier. Organize the list according to the party’s theme.

Depending on the yacht you choose, your list will be limited to the number of guests that can be accommodated on a particular yacht. 

Writing a guest list is just a nice way to keep things organized, so you can send out your invites without incident. Inviting your guests gives them information about the location and time, and even allows them to RSVP, giving you a good idea of how many people to expect.

birthday party on a yacht

If your party is meant to be wild and crazy, invite people who will live up to the hype. Toddlers and preteens may not enjoy a party that centers mostly around a club-like vibe. You should customize the entertainment and activities based on the people on your list.

4. Decide What Food to Serve

It is a fact that food always leaves an impression! Choosing the right menu is essential. Consider a custom menu that includes appetizers, food stations, and entrée options fit for any occasion.

If your guests have dietary restrictions or allergies, avoid using allergens. The latest trend is to create the tastiest and healthiest menus. All through the party, make sure there is a constant supply of delicious food served by staff.

When alcoholic drinks are served, knowing and providing drinks that your guests will enjoy is a key element of a successful yacht party. Our professional bartenders can create a signature cocktail for your party as well as a variety of other exceptional drinks.

5. Select the right Music

Getting the music right can make all the difference at a yacht birthday party. 

Take some time to plan your music and your playlist. This could be a compilation of the top 100 hits from a certain decade or songs that make you want to dance and sing along. 

FantaSea Yachts is dedicated to providing you or your loved one with a memorable birthday celebration.

Creating Memories with Yacht Birthday Parties 

FantaSea Yachts is there to make your birthday extra special. 

An out-of-this-world experience can be had by hosting your birthday party on a yacht. A good party plan, however, will ensure unforgettable moments. The above are the essential tips for planning an ultimate yacht birthday party. 

Enjoy each moment of your day as you add another one to your life. Whether you’re planning to celebrate privately or wild and crazy, make it a day to remember!

Let us help you plan your birthday party. Give us a call at (310) 827-2220 or submit an event query form to get started.

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Is planning a yacht party hard? It’s up to you. Beyond committing to making decisions about the overall ambiance you want to achieve, you can be involved with as much or as little of the party planning process as you want. Working with our professional party planners, every aspect of your special day will be prepared for you – we make it easy.

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