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boat wedding in California

Is getting married on a boat on your bucket list? If so, you’re in luck! Boat weddings are becoming increasingly popular in California.

An all-inclusive boat wedding package makes so much sense. Rather than having a separate venue for the ceremony and reception, some couples choose to have both on the boat to maximize the experience. 

Views from land-based venues are limited. There’s only one view, no matter how glorious it may be. You’ll see pretty much the same thing in all your photos. Charter yacht weddings eliminate that problem entirely. 

Additionally, you can take pictures both during the day and at night. If you choose a 6 p.m. ceremony with a reception to follow, you’ll be able to take advantage of the daylight for some photos and amazing sunset shots after the ceremony.

yacht wedding in Marina del Rey

Yacht weddings offer the advantage of holding the ceremony, reception, and dinner all in the same location, so people don’t have to worry about transportation or relocation to different venues. All food, entertainment, and amenities will be provided to you and your guests on the yacht. 

To make your special day the easiest and most unforgettable day possible, consider the following six answers to why a boat wedding in California can make your dream wedding a reality.

1. Can I choose my own decorations?

Yes! There are so many incredible ideas for yacht wedding decorations. If you are looking for great yacht wedding décor ideas, you have come to the right place.

boat wedding in Marina del Rey

Try a calming color scheme

A seafoam green, light blue, and white color scheme create a tranquil, romantic atmosphere. Choosing whites and light colors that complement the sand and sky is a sure way to achieve a natural yacht style that’s both calming and elegant. It helps to create the peaceful and romantic atmosphere you desire for your yacht wedding.

Design yacht wedding receptions with sea-inspired patterns.

Natural components such as driftwood, sea glass, and shells can be used as beach wedding decorations in centerpieces, signage, and frames. It is also possible to make a unique yacht décor idea with colorful plants, palm leaves, ferns, and other types of vegetation in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Get inspired by the world

Decor inspiration can come from anywhere. Use elements from different cultures and eras both global and local for a unique experience for you and your guests. Maybe your own culture can serve to influence the atmosphere.

2. Do I need a special kind of photographer?

There is no doubt that the beauty of the setting makes a boat wedding a popular choice. The ocean, mountains, and city views make the setting ideal for sunset wedding photographs. 

Depending on the yacht, you may want to select your own photographer. If you don’t have a photographer in mind, at FantaSea Yachts we keep a list of vetted photographers and can recommend someone fabulous.

boat wedding photographers

Choose a photographer that has experience taking photos on yachts. Make sure you love their portfolio, especially the photos they’ve taken at sea. Meet them and see if you feel comfortable around them. 

Be sure to select a photographer with the passion and the talent to tell your story beautifully. A storyteller will capture your memories perfectly. Your special day is a once-in-a-lifetime choice.

3. How do I plan for a boat wedding?

So, you want a wedding on a yacht but where do you begin? Fortunately, we have an experienced team of event professionals at the ready. At FantaSea Yachts we’re known for our exceptional service.

plan a boat wedding

What does that look like on your wedding day?

You’ll work with an event planner from the very beginning. Expect every detail from theme to menu to music and everything in between to be planned out by an expert who has years of experience with weddings and knows how to make them run smoothly. On the big day, we manage the schedule to make sure everything is going according to plan.

4. Can I use my own caterer/cake maker/DJ?

Whether it’s an elegant sit-down dinner or buffet-style feast, you’ll have no problem finding the right menu for your wedding. 

There is a great deal of variety in the cuisine that can be prepared on yachts, including American, European, Asian, and Latin American dishes. The yacht’s chef can customize any wedding package menu.

Kosher catering is available either with the yacht’s own preferred caterer or a caterer of your choice for most yachts today. The cost of dinner could be a small addition to the meal, but this can be discussed in detail.

Today, couples want their wedding cakes to be as spectacular as the food they serve. It is common for people to want a cake to look like a sculpture of an item they share together. Having a wedding cake is expensive, so why not make it memorable for your guests?

You can choose from the beautiful cakes offered on our boats or cater your own extravagant wedding cake. We can recommend many excellent bakers who have decades of experience and do wonderful work.

As for entertainment, we have a CD system with an iPod connection and wall mounted plasma screen. 

You can choose a DJ or opt for live entertainment.  Your entertainers must be insured on all boats, and if they are not, they will be added to the boat’s coverage for a small fee.

5. Are there changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party on board?

Being camera-ready and fresh for your big day means being able to get ready at the venue instead of risking any wardrobe malfunctions that can happen en route. Guests are happy to learn that our yachts have a dedicated bridal suite. 

As the bride prepares to walk down the aisle, she will have a private place for touch-ups, dress primping, and champagne-sipping. Also, it’s a good place for couples to take a breather during all the excitement and for brides to change into their reception dresses!

6. Can I afford a yacht wedding?

Finding areas to save on and those to splurge on will relieve your wedding-related stress. Setting a budget is the first step. Talking about your finances with your partner is an essential part of any planning process. 

Talking about money during such an exciting time of your life may be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary to have this conversation in order to avoid stress later on. By setting a budget, you’ll be able to decide where to spend your wedding dollars and where not to. Boat rentals for weddings can absolutely fit a wedding budget and streamline the entire process too

Ready to get married on a yacht? 

Setting sail is a wedding venue that will truly set your wedding apart from any other. As you drift off into the sunset with your loved ones, champagne glasses will clink, music will play, and laughter will fill the air. 

There is no doubt that boat weddings are a beautiful and exciting way for you to share this big moment in your lives with your loved ones. If getting married aboard a boat is the right choice for you, FantaSea Yachts is ready to make your special day the unforgettable event of a lifetime.

We’re here to help you plan every detail of your special day. We invite you to give us a call at 310-827-2220 or click here to submit an event query form to get you one step closer to hosting your dream wedding.

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