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wedding on a boat in marina del rey

The best advice recently wed couples offer to those that are currently planning a wedding is this: Relax, stress less and take it all in.  

Even though serenity may seem like an impossible task (especially when you’re right in the middle of wedding planning), there are some practical tips and proven strategies guaranteed to reduce stress and anxiety.

Create an unforgettable destination wedding by organizing your wedding on a boat

There are many advantages to tying the knot on a yacht. Weddings on yachts are advantageous because you can hold both the ceremony and reception in one place. Additionally, there’s a yacht to accommodate whatever vision you have for the special day.

stressless wedding on a boat

Because of the knowledgeable staff and vast experience at FantaSea Yachts, planning your dream wedding on a boat can be stress-free. Let’s explore the most effective ways to stay cool, calm, and collected throughout your planning.

Here are  practical guidelines for organizing and decorating a wedding at sea.  Follow these simple rules for less stress, more fun, and memories to last a lifetime!

1. Plan an Instant Destination Wedding on a Yacht

When it comes to destination weddings, why choose a yacht over any other location? First, there are many best-in-class amenities on board yachts, making them both luxurious and convenient. Second, it’s a wedding on the water! 

This is where a yacht wedding shines. 

With a stunning view of the California coastline from the Marina del Rey harbor, a yacht offers all the necessities in one place. Your guests will be immersed in incredible natural views, spectacular sunsets and the tranquil vibe that is the quintessential California experience.  And that’s just from the yacht!

destination wedding on a yacht

Guest accommodations are easy with a choice of many exceptional waterfront properties in Marina del Rey – from  global hotels to boutique establishments. No need to haul guests between the ceremony and reception. 

 Marina del Rey is about 4 miles away from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), so getting to and from the airport is easy for you and your guests.  

FantaSea Yachts has hosted thousands of yacht parties, making it easier for you to plan your wedding. Working with one of our dedicated wedding planners, you can be involved in as much or as little planning as you want.

2. Find the Perfect Wedding on a Boat

The boat that will serve as your venue is one of the most exciting parts of planning a yacht wedding. It is important to consider practical aspects when choosing a boat, such as the capacity, the area for catering, and the style.

There is a limit to the capacity of every venue. Whether your wedding is an intimate gathering of a few or an extravaganza of hundreds, we have the perfect yacht. 

Intimate settings are perfect for couples who want to cherish and experience the moment together rather than put on a show. If you are eloping, then it is perfect for you if you want a photo album with beautiful images that reflect who you are and the life you are beginning together.

A crewed charter yacht wedding is also an excellent option for newly blended families, in which the involvement of the children is as important as the actual wedding.

To fit everyone, how big a boat is needed? Knowing how many people can be on board at one time is essential when selecting the right-sized charter yacht for your wedding. Be sure to include anyone who may be on the boat at the same time, such as an officiant or a photographer.

wedding in marina del rey

The benefits of working with an experienced yacht company like FantaSea Yachts, which specializes in party yacht rentals for weddings, are numerous. In addition to matching the right size and style boat for your wedding, they will also match the captain and crew that can deliver the level of service and personalized experience you deserve.

3. Create Atmosphere with the Right Decorations

Once you pick the perfect yacht, you need to decide how you want it to be decorated for your big day. The wedding decor should match the atmosphere and style you are trying to create. A nautical theme can be a perfect option depending on the location.

Wedding themes come in a variety of styles. The theme can be classic and sophisticated or whimsical and fairytale-like. You can also choose a rustic or vintage theme, a romantic one, or something out of the ordinary.

You can also ask your guests to wear a specific color  to make the theme bright and elegant. The wedding planner can assist in finding the decor that matches your theme and turn the yacht into the perfect wedding venue. 

Decorations can serve as a guideline for other aspects for your wedding: like food or dress.

4. Become a Tastemaker with the Perfect Menu

Choosing what food to delight your guests with is the next step! Which foods are most likely to be enjoyed by your friends and family? In keeping with a marine theme, seafood can be a great choice for a menu. Additionally, you can create a menu using local products from the area where your wedding will be held.

menu ideas for a wedding

This does not have to be stressful. There are so many options to choose from but here is a short list of delicious catering ideas sure to delight your guests.


A talented sushi chef or caterer is key. There are bite-sized and tasty California rolls, salmon roses, maki, sashimi, and nigiri to choose from. The great thing about sushi is that there are many options available, both fried and fresh.

Arabian tapas

During celebrations, Arabian tapas make perfect snacks or a full meal. Guests can select which tapas to plate and enjoy a taste from another country.

Seafood buffet

There’s nothing like having an entire spread made of different kinds of seafood to make your guests feel special. A seafood buffet can include squid, crab, prawns, fish, and shellfish. They can either be served hot or cold and can be prepared in a variety of different ways.


There’s nothing like a good burger to satisfy your cravings. Prepare slider boards that include meat, chicken, and vegetarian options. Ensure that they are bite-sized so guests can grab one and eat it without a knife and fork.

Hors d’oeuvres

Provide guests with a wide variety of small bite-size dishes. There are many options available, such as small prawn cocktails, spring rolls, meat and veggie sticks, and more. When planning your menu for the yacht, keep your surroundings in mind. Our chefs will be instrumental in creating just the right combination of interesting treats.

5. Entertain and Delight Your Guests

Weddings are holidays that require entertainment. A wedding isn’t just about tying the knot; it’s also about making sure everyone has a blast. There’s a lot of time between saying “I do” and cutting the cake! Keep guests entertained.

entertainment ideas for a boat wedding

Anyone who has attended a wedding with a live band knows how energizing the atmosphere can be. There are so many creative wedding performances available today.

Whether you have live music or a well-chosen playlist and a DJ, make sure the dance floor is inviting for your guests. So much fun and fond memories can be created with the right entertainment.


Bringing two hearts together is a special occasion, and it deserves the most spectacular celebration. Yacht weddings are classy and dreamy. FantaSea Yachts offers many ways to plan your dream destination wedding. You and your partner can relax and enjoy the process without stress. 

Give us a call at (310) 827-2220 or submit an event query form to discuss your wedding party options.

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