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There is nothing more romantic than a wedding at sea. A boat wedding is a unique and memorable way to exchange your vows, especially on a chartered yacht. 


Yacht weddings in Marina del Rey have many advantages  including beautiful California coastline views, an all-in-one venue, and all-inclusive wedding packages for a ceremony of any size.


Planning a yacht wedding brings some major advantages that land-based weddings can’t offer – not to mention being (way) easier in countless ways! But you already know that. 


Creating the perfect guest list? Check. Organizing an awesome venue? Gotcha covered there, too. Bringing together all those vendors for one beautiful event takes time and energy but when you pull off a boat wedding successfully – wowza, really nothing else like it out there!

wedding plan for a yacht wedding

So what happens if you begin to make plans and suddenly realize that you need some help? 


Fortunately, at FantaSea Yachts our experienced wedding specialists are here to plan the perfect boat wedding –  it’s part of the service! 


Every couple will need help, whether it comes from family members, friends, or a professional wedding planner. The decision to work with a pro isn’t always easy since every wedding has its own unique set of circumstances. 


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be involved with every aspect of your wedding – it’s personal! But if any of the following statements ring true to you, consider using one of our yacht wedding specialists.

Here are 7 signs you may need the help of a wedding specialist

1. There is no time for wedding planning in your busy schedule

The easiest way to reduce the amount of time you will spend organizing your big day is to work with a wedding specialist. In the case of both of you having demanding jobs, that can be a lifesaver. In addition, your wedding specialist  can give all the details on boat wedding packages and much more.


Both you and your fiancé work full-time. Taking time off to plan is going to be difficult when you are saving those precious days away from the office to celebrate your honeymoon. Organizing a wedding is a full-time job, so it makes sense to turn over the bulk of the work to someone who’s actually in the business of making weddings happen.

2. You struggle with budgeting and planning your boat wedding

The ability to organize comes naturally to some people. It is an absolute nightmare for others to source vendors, develop and adhere to a budget, and deal with contracts. If this sounds like you, then letting a FantaSea Yachts wedding specialist do the legwork is a wise idea.


A wedding specialist can also help you make smart financial decisions, which goes beyond quelling pre-wedding stress.  He or she will be able to guide (and negotiate!) the hiring of other vendors, including the caterer, florist and DJ. What’s even better?

boat wedding in Marina del Rey

Our insider connections will likely benefit you. We maintain contacts with vetted vendors who know how to work on a yacht.  There’s no reason to handle this component on your own if you don’t want to.

3. There is a limited amount of time to plan, perhaps just a few months

Perhaps you want to get married on the anniversary of your first date. Maybe you don’t want to wait the standard year-and-a-half to marry your best friend. Regardless, you have to plan a ceremony and reception within six months-and you don’t know where to begin. 

The planning process for a wedding typically takes between nine and thirteen months. With a timeline of six months or less, it will be difficult to find vendors who are still available. Using a wedding specialist’s expertise and contacts is a great way to save time and money.

Be sure to inquire about our experience organizing events on the fly before making things official with any planner.

4. You lack ideas

The creative process of planning a wedding, down to the smallest detail, is a challenge that some couples relish. Some people don’t like it or feel overwhelmed by it. We take the ideas you already have and make them even better.

menu ideas for a boat wedding

You may not have a clear vision of your wedding day. While outside event designers might handle most of the décor, our specialists are experts both in planning and designing weddings on a yacht. You’ll have a wedding you’ll remember for years to come, without spending hours scouring Pinterest! Even if you have a lot of creative ideas, a planner will help tie them all together (with some editing as well).

5. The stress of wedding planning is affecting your relationship or mental health.


It is normal to experience some pre-wedding stress. However, if you feel exhausted, overworked or burned out, it might be time to call in the troops. Putting your health and relationship at risk is never worth it.


Stress can be extra heavy if you are already behind schedule and there’s a lot you need to do. After getting engaged, maybe you locked down your flowers  and photographer, but haven’t done much since. As a result, you are running behind, with a long list of things you need to do. Getting some help is in order!

6. You’re worried about not feeling fully present at your wedding.


With a wedding specialist  on your side, you can relax and enjoy your beautiful Marina del Rey wedding. That means you can enjoy every moment of getting ready, walking down the aisle, and celebrating with your loved ones. In the event that problems arise, your specialist will handle them.

You want to be able to enjoy your yacht wedding reception to the utmost, but worry that you will be too concerned about how much fun everyone is having to relax and enjoy it yourself. With the help of a wedding specialist, you can be in the moment and enjoy every second.

7. Illness has disrupted your wedding plans.


Contingency planning and rescheduling can be complicated if you’ve had to postpone your yacht wedding due to illness. What better way to navigate these uncharted waters than with the assistance of a professional?

Some final thoughts:


Choosing a wedding specialist doesn’t mean signing away your authority or creative input. It’s about getting the support you need. During times like these when the smallest detail is making your head spin, this kind of support is crucial. By doing so, you can focus on the fun parts and let the experts handle the stress!

Don’t wait. As soon as you identify what’s keeping you up at night, work with a professional who offers a service that will help ease that stress. Having that burden lifted from your shoulders is well worth it. 

At FantaSea Yachts, our specialists and crew have been helping couples make wedding memories for over 40 years. Let us create  an unforgettable yacht wedding for you. Contact us today.

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