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retirement party on a yacht

As a professional, you have worked so hard your entire life… dedicating countless hours to your company. Now that you’ve retired from work, it’s time to start an enjoyable new journey. Why not rent a yacht for a party worthy of celebrating your achievements?

Things end, but memories last a lifetime. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests, celebrate your retirement spectacularly. 

Even with a multitude of options, nothing can compare to a celebration aboard a private yacht. There is no doubt that it is the most exclusive way to celebrate an event.

retirement yacht party

At FantaSea Yachts, we have the best range of yachts that offer you a unique setting that will make your event unforgettable. Providing you and your guests with an immaculate, matchless full-service Marina del Rey yacht charter that takes you and your guests to breathtaking and incredible locations is one of our specialties.

Your guests will be served by a friendly staff dedicated to their needs. Because we understand how important this day is to you, we make every effort to ensure that you get the most out of it. 

We offer a selection of luxury vessel options to meet your needs. Our party planners take care of the details and help you with every aspect of a memorable retirement party. Keeping everything running smoothly is our top priority.

We offer a variety of add-on services, such as delicious menu options, dance floors, videographers, photographers, a DJ or band, cocktails, music, accommodations, and more. It is our pleasure to be able to accommodate all of your needs. 

Nevertheless, if you have a special request, let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

No matter what type of yacht you’re looking for, our services and options will amaze you. FantaSea Yachts makes it easy for you to host a successful party.

Reasons to Host Your Retirement Party on a Yacht

Planning the perfect retirement party can take a lot of time and effort. An upscale yacht experience is an option that’s sure to please you and your guests as you celebrate moving on to the next chapter of your life. 

Here are five reasons why party yacht rentals are a surefire way to ensure your retirement party is a success.

1. Embrace the night with a dance party

Our boats offer a variety of fun activities that ensure everyone is always having a great time.

retirement party on a yacht

2. Take a moment to reminisce

Throughout your career, you’ve made many great memories. You can reflect on your time with your coworkers and career by looking at nostalgic office Christmas party photos, or watching a video that honors one of your professional accomplishments.

3. Get a beautiful backdrop for your event

You can enjoy both the indoor luxuries of a yacht, as well as the natural beauty around you, rather than spending your entire retirement party in a restaurant. Our yachts have open-air decks, so you and your guests can step outside and enjoy the scenic setting both indoors and out. 

Depending on the time of day you decide to have the party, enjoying the sunset aboard a yacht is an unforgettable experience. A night yacht party is a great option if you want your guests to dress more formally or if you want to create a nightclub dance floor atmosphere.

4. Food for yacht parties

With FantaSea Yachts, you don’t have to worry about finding a caterer for your retirement party because we offer a wide range of amazing food options.

retirement ideas

5. Provide enough space for everyone

When you rent a yacht for a party, you won’t have to worry about exceeding the number of guests. Each yacht in our fleet can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 250 guests depending on the yacht you select. 

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about who will make the guest list and who won’t since each yacht has a maximum guest count. This means you can make invitations based on the available space. In the end, it will be less hassle for you and everyone who wants to celebrate with you to be able to do so.

Memorable Retirement Party Ideas

Retirement parties celebrate a retiree’s accomplishments and signal a more relaxed lifestyle. Some people, however, are not thrilled about entering this new phase of their lives. With these four retirement party ideas, you can make this transition something they look forward to.

1. Emphasize speeches

It is common for party hosts to make a speech. But don’t be shy about involving co-workers, bosses, friends, and family members. When you give a speech about a retiree, you should highlight his or her accomplishments. Additionally, you may want to share their career trajectory and how they assisted their peers.

The commemoration should also include all guests. Everybody should have the opportunity to speak. Including it in the invitation will give everyone time to prepare what they want to say. 

2. Decide on a theme

Any celebration can be spiced up with a theme, from birthdays to retirement parties. There is also no shortage of ideas for theme-related retirement parties.

Consider throwing a beach-themed party if the retiree is relocating to a beach resort. Dress your guests in Hawaiian shirts and decorate with inflatable palm trees. 

Among other themes, you might consider:

  • A night at the casino
  • Consider decorating the yacht to look like the retiree’s favorite vacation spot, such as Paris or Tuscany
  • A black-and-white or all-white theme provides an elegant and formal setting
  • Transforming everyone into a child of the retiree’s era
  • Karaoke night

3. Make something they’ll cherish for a lifetime

Gratitude for an employee’s years of service can be expressed by sending them off on a high note. Make someone’s retirement celebration even more special by creating a video or a book of memories.

Ask each employee to share unforgettable memories, thank the retiring member, and offer well wishes. A video or book can also highlight the retiring employee’s career highlights or accomplishments.

4. Consider the playlist in advance

Having complete control over the entire space is another benefit of renting a yacht for a party. Once you’re sailing through the ocean, you can play music loudly as you wish.

music for a yacht party

It’s great in and of itself, but you can also make your own playlist for the big day. Make a list of all of your loved one’s favorite bands and songs. Consider the music they listened to when they were younger as well. Again, you may need to do some research here, which is why planning ahead is so important.


No rule says retirement parties must all be the same. You can make them as unique as the person for whom you’re throwing them. This can be easily accomplished by renting a yacht for the celebration. 

Give us a call at (310) 827-2220 or submit an event query form to discuss your retirement party options. 

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