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Planning a yacht party is no easy feat, but it can be with these six simple tips (and our FantaSea Yachts team to guide you along the way). Since 1980, we’ve had Southern California covered with our Marina del Rey party yacht rentals — from the ever-popular yacht wedding and celebratory yacht rentals to the premier Los Angeles yacht party. Ready to start planning? It’s smooth sailing (pun intended) from here on out!

Build your guest list

Big bash or intimate affair? Determining a headcount right from the beginning will help ease the headache of unaccounted for space issues and expenses. This will also help determine the best yacht rental for your soiree — not to mention your budget!

Here are some suggestions for putting together your guest list. 

Initial planning for your guest list could include everyone that comes to mind. Basically, you start big and pare down depending on the yacht size, budget, and event. A retirement party might include employees as well as their significant others. On the other hand, a corporate team-building event would limit guests to employees only. 

For weddings, you could start with an A list and a B list where the A list consists of close family and friends. The B list consists of everyone else like extended family or business associates. The A list gets the first round of invitations.

Envision your space

Take time to think about the layout of your space. Popular requests include a dance floor, lounge area, formal seating, bar station and dessert table. And, of course, if you have something else in mind, we’d love to hear your ideas! It’s important to envision how your space will be used. This allows you to envision how certain areas might affect the flow of your event and where you might want to avoid bottlenecking and excessive crowding. There are many ways to customize space when you rent a yacht in the Marina.

The skydeck of our FantaSea One Yacht transforms into a luxe lounging area. Just one example of how your space can look for your yacht party. Photo by @blackfloweragency

To theme or not to theme?

Yacht party themes can be general or ultra-specific – both types have their advantages. Mardi Gras or the roaring 20s? Dora the Explorer or Frozen? Refined elegance or 70s disco party? Or do you prefer to keep it simple and focus on certain colors and hues? 

The advantage of having a detailed and specific theme is that it eliminates possible confusion for your guests. Everything from dress, food, formality can be included under the umbrella of a theme. Think of it as a party blueprint. 

On the other hand, a less restrictive theme creates an ambiance that complements your event – under the stars with twinkle lights for an evening yacht birthday party or shimmery silver colors for a wedding anniversary. 

Whatever you decide, the theme will set the tone for your event. And a theme will help build your accents, decor, and other creative touches. Once you set the course, the fun is in the details.

Customize with details

Speaking of details…don’t shy away from them. Whether it’s using an inside joke as the name of your signature cocktail, a customized dessert table or incorporating family heirlooms and photos at your celebration, the magic…as they say…is in the details. This is your chance to wow your guests with personalized efforts that will leave a lasting impression. Your Los Angeles yacht party can show your personal touch. Embrace it!

Our Dandeana Yacht transformed. Just one example of how you can customize your party yacht rental: transformed into a beautiful Marina del Rey wedding venue.

Delight with entertainment

Do your guests like to swarm a dance floor? Book a DJ that will get your crowd moving. Or do you like to move to live beats? From large big bands to smaller trios, live entertainment can seamlessly take your event from dinner to dancing. Planning a kids party? Welcome a magician or your child’s favorite character aboard.

Other ideas include cigar rolling, spirit tasting, poker tables and lawn games like cornhole (we’ve held games on our FantaSea One skydeck!), all of which are popular ways to keep your guests smiling and buzzing with energy. The possibilities with a yacht party are endless.

Consider your guests

There are a multitude of ways to make your guests feel special. From gluten-free to vegetarian to vegan, there is no shortage of ways to accommodate your guests with a delicious meal that meets their dietary restrictions. Collect those requests with your RSVPs. Accessibility needs? Address those from the start to ensure a comfortable environment. Hosting an open bar? Consider partnering up with a rideshare company to offer a promo code to your guests. These are different ways to make your guests feel valued, important and truly connected to your celebration.

Ok, sign me up! What’s next?

Ready to rent a yacht for a party? There is nothing quite as unique as a Los Angeles yacht charter and we’re the team to help bring your unique vision to life. We invite you to give us a call at 310-827-2220 or click here to submit an event query form to get you one step closer to hosting your dream bash.

People Also Ask:

What do you bring to a yacht party? We take care of everything, but, depending on the occasion, guests could bring items like sunscreen or a light jacket for cooler weather. Our expert planners will ensure your guests know what to expect well in advance of your yacht party.

How much does a yacht party cost? Depending on the number of guests, the day of the week, and catering selections, an event could be anywhere from $150 – $200 per person.


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