Captain Juan Carlos Martinez (a.k.a. Captain Carlos) was born in Guatemala and joined FantaSea Yachts in April of 1997. Captain Carlos originally began his career as FantaSea’s dishwasher and floral assistant.

Captain Carlos learned the event planning business in his initial positions and once it was discovered that he had formal training as an electrician and plumber he was quickly moved into engineering and maintenance for the company. He took great pride in caring for FantaSea’s four yachts, Dandeana, RegentSea, FantaSea One, The Admiral and the yacht club.

The Ginzburg’s recognized Captain Carlos capabilities and technical aptitude and suggested he obtain his captain’s license. He jumped at the opportunity, but priority one would be to become a U.S. citizen. With the support of the entire FantaSea staff, Captain Carlos became a U.S. citizen in early in 2004 and went on to receive his captain’s license at the end of the year. He has since logged more than 4,000 hours at sea and is certified for 200 tons, but still steps in when an engineer, electrician, plumber, or bartender is needed! He enjoys the variety of jobs he is able to perform at FantaSea because the interaction with guests is so interesting and rewarding to him.

Captain Carlos loves being able to share in the lives of his passengers, but his biggest joy is being able to provide for his family. His oldest daughter Tanya, also works at FantaSea during summer breaks as a server and his youngest son David Martinez aspires to one day also follow in his father’s footsteps and become a USCG Captain.