Captain Luis Salguero has worn a variety of hats during his career at FantaSea Yachts, in addition to his Captain’s hat.  He joined the company in 1994, at age twenty-three, and has since served as Foreman, engineer, crewmember, bartender and Captain.

Captain Luis moved to Los Angeles from Guatemala in 1991.  He always enjoyed the ocean and was able to find work maintaining the docks in Marina Del Rey. While working on the docks, he developed a friendship with the Foreman of FantaSea, which eventually lead him to a new career and a new life.

Once Luis became a full fledged member of FantaSea Yachts, he began to receive “on the job training” in yachting from Captain Joel Eve and other crewmembers. His desire to learn more about the maritime industry motivated him to earn his Captain’s license from the Maritime Institute, as well as, his U.S. citizenship, a requirement as a Captain.

In addition to his many beloved duties at FantaSea, Captain Luis is a family man and his family life is very much connected to FantaSea.  In 1997 he was married aboard the Dandeana in a ceremony officiated by Captain Joel.   His son also currently works at FantaSea during the summer.