General Manager

General Manager and Captain Jasmine Lee joined FantaSea Yachts in 1997 when she was still earning her B.A. in psychology from U.C.L.A. While planning an event for her school’s Korean-American Christian fellowship at FantaSea, she mentioned that she was interested in a career as a wedding coordinator and Daniel, impressed with her immediately, insisted that she intern with him.

In 1999, after graduation, Jasmine joined the company full-time and since has planned and coordinated thousands of special events. Over the years, Jasmine has become an expert in customer service, creativity, and attention to detail, which she says is essential to executing flawless events. Her expertise is the result of the many positions she has held at FantaSea including Administrative Assistant, Operations Coordinator, Director of Food and Beverage, and Director of Operations.

It was Jasmine’s hands-on experience in nearly every facet of the company that prompted the crew to joke with her that the only thing she could not do was captain the yachts. While helping two of her co-workers study for their captains’ licenses, Jasmine began to realize that a captain’s license wasn’t such a laughable idea.  Jasmine went on to take the test and became an official captain at FantaSea Yachts earning her the distinction of becoming the company’s first female captain.

Jasmine is passionate about the FantaSea family, their clients, and every event with which she is involved. With her “make it happen” work ethic and her motto “anything is possible” it is clear that FantaSea Yachts’ guests and future are in very good hands.