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When it’s time to step away from the day-to-day work responsibilities, gathering your team together for a little relaxation and fun not only builds rapport with your employees but also rewards your team for always going the extra mile to get the job done and reach the company objectives. 

Most employees are used to attending after-work events held at a hotel or a popular restaurant. Depending on the size of the company or team, finding the right venue can be difficult. Not only do you want to accommodate your group, but you also want to ensure that everyone has a good time and walks away with fond memories.

With hotels and restaurants, groups are limited to what they can do to add some sizzle to the event. After all, your employees work hard and deserve something extra special for their commitment to their team and organization. Why not plan your next company party on a yacht? There are many reasons to plan a corporate yacht party and no reasons not to. 

The premier provider of luxury yacht rental in Marina del Rey – in the heart of Silicon Beach – has hosted numerous corporate events related to its luxury yacht fleet. So here are four reasons to hold your next off-site meeting or corporate event on a luxury yacht.

1. A Sensational Setting

Give your employees a view like no other company event can offer. The feeling that comes from watching a beautiful sunset from a yacht will make them feel like they are on vacation. They will be surrounded by beautiful blue waters, with a 360-degree panoramic view of the coastline from the deck. 

Create an experience your employees will never forget. Providing unique opportunities for team-building activities within a new party setting can inspire creativity and build connections within the corporate environment. 

An example of this is “Show And Tell”. The purpose of this activity is to encourage participants to share one hobby or activity that fills their lives outside of work. It also promotes hands-on demonstrations where appropriate. Even long-tenured teams will enjoy this icebreaker!

With your team on a yacht, an activity like this can be fun and help build strong working relationships. 

The right setting for a company event or party is important. It sets the tone and evokes and creates an atmosphere that lets your employees know they are appreciated and being celebrated for all they contribute to the company. 

A corporate yacht party gives you a great opportunity to wow your employees and create lasting memories for everyone.

2. An Exclusive Atmosphere

Once you board the yacht, you have the entire space to yourself. You won’t have to share an event wall; you won’t be distracted by meetings down the hall, and there won’t be a chance for a stranger (aka a “crasher”) to disrupt you. 

Party yacht rentals for corporate events are not only private and secure but offer ample space and the ability to customize the space to suit your needs – regardless of whether you have a large corporate event or a smaller, more intimate party.

If the location of a meeting is fascinating, attendees are more likely to remember it. You’re likely to remember the surroundings when you recall your favorite memories. 

The same applies to producing memorable meetings: The setting of your event is crucial in crafting a memorable experience, and having an exclusive space upon a party yacht is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

corporate yacht party

3. A Dedicated Event Planner and Service-Oriented Crew

FantaSea Yachts, Marina del Rey’s premier yacht rental company, offers fully customized event planning services and a hospitality team with extensive experience in private yacht charters. 

Our event team’s nearly 40 years’ experience makes it possible to create a productive, comfortable and customized environment. Besides executing your vision, we coordinate logistics, details, and vendors (think linens, floral arrangements, photo booths, and more). 

And we don’t stop there. 

Interested in a themed party? No problem. From beach-themed parties to masquerade balls to tech-focused events – not to mention activities like whiskey tastings, cigar stations, and cornhole – we’ve seen and done it all.  

When you have the help of a planner and crew, you can sit back and enjoy the event instead of running around and missing being a part of the memories. 

After all, the objective is for everyone to be able to enjoy the festivities without getting bogged down in the planning and execution. Just leave it in the hands of the expert crew and savor the experience!

And having a talented culinary team at the helm eliminates the need for off-site catering. If you prefer finger foods for a cocktail party or a three-course meal for a more formal event, there is no need to worry that your employees will be disappointed.

4. A Truly Unique Experience

There is a high likelihood that your employees have never experienced a corporate yacht party. Many companies do not offer outside opportunities to spend time in a social setting, so renting a party yacht for your next company event will undoubtedly provide an experience of a lifetime.

This is a chance to hone your planning skills. Holding an event at a different venue is not always easy. Taking this on may be challenging and requires thinking outside the box. 

Are you up for the challenge? By choosing a unique venue like a corporate yacht party, you will impress your guests and increase the level of planning. 

So what does it take to plan a corporate yacht party?

Below are some tips for planning your best company event ever. 

company party on a a yacht

Planning Your Corporate Yacht Party

Making a corporate yacht party successful depends on bringing employees together, making it interactive, and also ensuring that they socialize well with each other outside of work.

Plan activities that will keep your guests and employees entertained during the party, such as games, fireworks, or water sports. Arranging entertaining activities makes everyone feel relaxed and is a sure way of making the party memorable.

Making a checklist helps ensure you get all the details right. Planning and organizing a party on a luxury yacht in Marina del Rey can feel daunting. When choosing a luxury party boat, consider the essentials to ensure nothing goes wrong with the party arrangements. It may include details such as the following:

  • Finalize the date of the event
  • Select a yacht charter that can accommodate all your guests
  • Decorate your party based on the party theme
  • Decide on the menu
  • The music selection must be such that it fits the event

Ensure that every detail of your charter is discussed with the charter experts after making a checklist.

Keep a Realistic Budget in Mind

A variety of luxury yachts are available for hosting corporate events. For a corporate party, you can choose the one that offers all the amenities you need. A realistic budget helps you select the right yacht charter and determine additional expenses. 

Are you looking for a reliable yacht rental company to host your event?

We offer a fleet of luxury yachts and boats to select from and an experienced crew that can ensure that you have the best sailing experience. Our yacht charter specialist can handle all your event planning needs in a budget-friendly way. Call us at +1(310) 827-2220 or request information here.  if you have any questions regarding our party yacht rentals.

People Also Ask:

How many people can fit on a party yacht? The FantaSea Yachts fleet consists of three yachts that can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 250 people depending on your event and the yacht you choose.

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