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Catching up with Tiffani Call

Posted November 5, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Hi All, thanks for your patience while we rounded the busy 4th quarter of 2012. Lots of excitement here as we start to prepare for the Holiday rush and wanted to get you all caught up.

What’s been happening with Tiffani?

At this reading, she is a happily married woman and will return to her post at FantaSea later this week. Please join us in wishing our own newlyweds, Tiffani and Stanley Call a very happy Congratulations and years of wedded bliss!

I’ll add the last three entries from Tiffani here by date. We can’t wait to post the beautiful pictures of her romantic day.

Oct 16th

What a week! Bachelor/ette Karaoke Bash was not just amazing, Stephanie Ginzburg & John Williams Jacob of FantaSea Yachts choreographed a song in costume! They were the entertainment. It was AWESOME!! I have never laughed harder. I was able to unleash my voice a bit and wow-ed the crowd with my vocal styling’s which felt incredible.

We really wanted an alternative to the traditional bachelor/ette parties that were a bit more us, and less what other people/family/friends wanted (strippers!). What we got was an overwhelming joined experience that involved watching the Shuttle Endeavour from 9am-1pm as bridal party arrived, a fabulous lunch at the best taco place in town with everyone, the final gown fitting with my girls for approval on little things like “Do we lop off the chapel train, or keep it?” It was unanimous we’re keeping it. Followed by the best Karaoke bash that left us mildly tipsy but in a condition able to really enjoy the night. We’re not big drinkers but my 2 Margarita’s were necessary and delicious. No crazy hang over and no regrets.

This really feels like the beginning of the Wedding Month.

Next in line is the Old Fashioned Halloween Potluck Dinner, hosted by my new in-laws. I am going full Martha (Stewart) on this one even just for the smaller group of about 12. The intent was to offer local events closer to home for guests unable to travel to the wedding destination. I will be bustin’ out the professional black and white camera for those must have shots and will be decking out the tables with everything from hand dipped caramel apples, to gothic candelabras, to the plastic masks from the 80’s that secure to your head by a thin rubber strap that pulls your hair out every chance it gets. Ahhh Nostalgia.

My Grandmother calls every other day to remind me to pick her up so she can bring buckets of chicken, which I think is adorable.

I have enough Halloween inventory to more then take care of décor and my in-laws back yard is like a setting from The Secret Garden. It’s perfect! We’ll be trick or treating with all 3 of our children with pillow cases for the candy (or the large orange plastic pumpkins with the black plastic handle), carving pumpkins and having a wicked good time.

And I am SO HAPPY, a long lost friend called in today to inquire about a party next year and I haven’t heard from here in over 10 years. It’s a great day to be at FantaSea!

Stress levels are low. Energy is high. Smiles are enormous.

Happy October everyone!

Oct. 23rd

11 days…  and the giddy dance has begun.

FantaSea Yachts has been extremely supportive with so much it is hard for me to explain in words. The owners Daniel Ginzburg & Stephanie Ginzburg are the nicest people on the planet. And I’m not just sayin’ that. They have done everything in their power to ensure my bridal happiness during this busy wedding season here in the office.

I bonded with our Bride & Groom Katie & Ryan this last weekend and am feeling very bridal myself lately. Seeing their family and friends together to celebrate their happily ever after made me SO excited for my own. This was the last wedding for me to coordinate before my own romp down the aisle.

As I prepare our Ceremony Script and vows I find myself having a hard time getting through the rough drafts without tearing up a little. Through half laughs and silent sobs, I find it reassuring and therapeutic when our office just giggles in support. Insanity through laughter is the best way to feel like a family. This is truly my work bridal party.

We’re still in full cut and paste mode, although I honestly thought we would be done with our custom storybooks by now. My sister has been drawing the illustrations for the custom storybooks and these are also including the wedding weekend itinerary and personalized cd’s for the guests drive home. My fiancé knows me and loves me even when I tend to overdue personal events. Our wedding is no exception.

RSVP’s are in and we are set at 44 guests but are sticking with the 50 to be safe as I know my family are eaters and there a small handful of non-RSVP-er’s (totally a word) we can expect.

So we’re plowing through the to-do list at ludicrous speed and fully anticipating the moment when we can relax and just wed. Can’t wait!

As always.. Keep calm and Marry on!

Oct. 30

OK, this is serious. 4 days away and STILL cutting and pasting! It is taking way longer than expected and as a planner I would like to ask all brides to start any and all DIY projects as early as humanly possible.

This is our last day before we have a wedding related event every day through the wedding weekend itself and I fear we will be awake until 1am finishing these last minute details.

My beautiful fiancé is still having a blast with the assembly line of black cardstock and glue dots, which I find fun and promising, but I wish these darn books were done already so we could enjoy this week a little more. That and last minute family hiccups leave me shaking my head in disapproval, but I am determined to let it all go and focus on my love.

4 days away and it’s time to see past the anxiety and nervousness of a Jerry Springer reunion at our wedding and imagine our wedding falling into place exactly as planned. Why worry about what could happen, when I know I will be happiest looking forward to what will happen (or at least what is on our timeline).

It hasn’t quite hit me yet that it seriously is this weekend, but I am sure it will real soon. So here I go. Signing off with my final blog entry before the plunge into my own happily ever after and I really can’t wait to marry my best friend. It may sound cheesy or cliché, but it is true. Every morning I wake up in his arms. Every cuddle and every smile will always be made better when it’s by his side.

I can’t wait for our forever to begin.

My Dad says, “Wait until you get to your Honeymoon, no payments will be due, no paper to cut or glue, you will be free to live.”

Thank you everyone who helped get us to this point.

Here comes the bride!!!!


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Happy Birthday to Me!

Posted October 9, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

25 days until the Wedding, Co-ed Bachelor/ette Party this weekend & Halloween = I heart October!

I’m a Libra and just LOVE my Birthday week, because I celebrate the whole week, not just a day. Doesn’t everybody?!  I blame the planner in me, plus I strive to always make such a big deal for other people’s birthday’s so when it’s my day… oh honey… it’s a big deal.

With summer dissolving into fall, and cozy weather at night, ‘tis the season to snuggle and watch nature’s beauty in every moment. Love is in the air, I can smell it!

All final online orders for the wedding are being placed now for Toasting Flutes, Cake Knife, favors and fun stuff. We decided for our favors to do Individual Bags of Popcorn Kernels and our favorite lime/salt & lime/chili/salt seasonings all bundled together with bakers twine for every other place setting.  I am all about keeping costs down with a favor on every other place setting.

For our Marina Cruise here at FantaSea, we are going to be doing Captain’s Hats for the Dad’s and for the newest addition to my family, my nephew whom I will be meeting for the first time at this event. I have to say my secret work obsession (not so secret now) is all the nautical décor I see everywhere so I just have to channel my inner ocean goddess and put mermaids, anchors and star fish every where. We are thinking about what movie to play on the Flat Screen TV aboard Dandeana for this festive occasion and so far we have the following: Overboard, Splash (Tom Hanks), Pippi Longstocking the movie or Titanic.  Movie suggestions?  Email me, we are hoping to go for ocean + love related.  I just threw Pippi in there, as it’s a family classic for both sides of our family. It has adventure!

I am recruiting Stephanie Ginzburg (she’s the craftiest) to help me make 2 of the most gorgeous dark purple large paper roses for the Ceremony and we’re just about all set.

I would also like to remind my fiancé that as we have been hand making 20 custom fairytale books as gifts with Letterboxing Materials ( and a complimentary CD for the guests drive home all for under $30, his comment to me last night was “This is fun”. He said it out loud and can’t take it back so as we get closer I will point him back to this blog as witness if he changes his mind suddenly. Lol!

Keep calm and marry on!!


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Catching up…weddings, babies and boat parades

Posted October 3, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Thanks all for the great response to Tuesday’s with Tiffani! With 30 days to go, a mound of appointments and her event planning career as busy as ever, we gave her a break this week and will catch up on all the wedding details next week. I can say that she is glowing, checking off her lists and keeping her calm, self assured demeanor – what a joy to watch so closely the day to day reality of all her dreams coming to fruition.

More news in the FantaSea Family – again a big congratulations to Ruben Guzman on the birth of his daughter Marilyn Sophia. Also in the fam, by way of past clients and friends, we welcomed baby Zachary to the lovely Katz’s of Love Katz fame (November 2008). 03

He joins a beautiful big sister as the second child after a blissful almost 4 years of marriage. Thank you for keeping us up to date – we love it.

And finally, very happy to announce the theme of the Annual Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade is “A Solid Gold Christmas”. Saturday, December 8, 2012 marks the 50th year of this festive tradition. Fireworks start at 5:55pm. The FantaSea elves are busy planning ahead for a regal Red and Gold decor collection. Our executive Chef Edward Valles has added some delicious new items to the Holiday Menu.  Don’t fret if you haven’t started planning, December dates still available with Holiday Package Pricing from $75 with minimums. We look forward to cruising with you all throughout the season!


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