The Calling of Tiff….12 Weeks to go

by Tiffani Call

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Choosing my linen colors ended up being a huge help and relief as I am finally able to set the tables in my mind, pick the MOH dresses and finalize the florals.  Being a bride/planner definitely has me at an advantage as the vendors who I chose to assist with my wedding I have been working with since 2004. They are my friends (never having received a commission or kick-back, just referrals for the great services they provide). Their generosity now that it is my turn to bound happily down the aisle is enough to bring me to happy bridal tears. Thank you!

In a cocoon of ladies shouting “Honey if you lift a finger the day of your wedding I will kill you” I have to admit I am still driven by my profession to pitch in. I know, I will be getting ready and relaxing and enjoying the wonderful anxiety and excitedness (still totally a word) that my wedding day will bring, but I want to be there for guideance and assistance with the “ultra unique bride/planner vision”. Luckily, my linen lady extraordinaire has agreed to be my Day of Coordinator to help alleviate the day of duties I may be tempted to partake in such as setup of the Ceremony & Reception. Having been on the other side of this for so long, I know to trust and appreciate the help that I am being gifted. I may be in rollers, I may be in my fuzzy slippers but I genuinely want to be there to watch the Ceremony & Reception setup come alive!

Let me tell you why: No traditional bride here, big surprise, so our ceremony layout and procession are unique. What better way to enjoy the natural setting than to offer a mix of chairs and picnic blankets. Speaking of chairs… As a planner, my fiancé will tell you as he has c0-coordinated dozens of events with me and that I am very picky about the rows of chairs and how they must be lined up as precisely as possible. It’s a peeve of mine. For our wedding as a way of saying, “This is OUR wedding and we will do it OUR way” we are NOT doing typical rows of chairs. We will actually be grouping them in sets of 2, 3 & 4 along with picnic blankets scattered across the grassy lawn. It will add the perfect touch to the whimsical vision we have. I am excited that I get to work my way through the guests, on non-tradional seating, as a bare-foot bride taking my time to process down the aisle of happiness to my beloved groom with a powerful and beautiful song that we LOVE (Bjork classic).

How can my “hopefully never been done before idea” be pulled off without us there helping with the layout?  I believe a bride must be able to communicate exactly what she needs and wants to get it right. Having an onsite coordinator really helps with anxiety and stress levels – they are the perfect person to guide with the things you may be concerned about. The fact that I do this for a living is a blessing and makes me want to take part even more. I love that I get to continue coordination of weddings and receptions long after my own wedding and that I have a team of professional, dedicated like-minds at FantaSea that feel the same way.


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