And so it begins…..The Calling of Tiff

by Tiffani Call

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Less than 3 months to the date and I have all vendors booked and have cut myself off of and Pinterest as I was spending too much time on there looking for ideas and inspiration when I should have been folding invites and prepping those to be hand made and personally delivered. My new goal this month is invites and Maid of Honor dresses. Seriously. No more procrastination. Time to get them done. We have about 60 to hand make, so the assembly line of invite making has started every night while watching TV with the family. 40 of them are 5×5 clear boxes with a custom cootie catcher laying on top of moss with a 3D butterfly floating on top all wrapped up with a pretty bow. It’s one you needed to see to believe.

Butterfly Favors - Tiffani Call

Butterfly Favors - Tiffani Call

I do not think there is anything like it anywhere and it cost me about $60 total. I have to hand deliver them as they are too large and costly to ship and thankfully most of our family is local.

I was busy these last few weekends with weddings, one in which Lady Gaga was in attendance (super exciting!) and one this upcoming weekend which is simple and classy and later in the evening which will allow me and my fiancé to sneak off to Downtown LA early in search of the perfect shade of green slacks, dress shirt and suspenders for my soon to be stepson. His shoes will of course be the, ever-classic black wedding chucks (Converse).

Our perfect theme is an enchanted Tea Party set in a gorgeous garden near San Luis Obispo. It’s Monarch Butterfly Season along the coast and we couldn’t resist the magical element of hundreds of thousands of Butterflies. It’s Mother Nature’s natural decor.  Gotta get the hook ups where we can right? Not to mention the awesome vendor relations, having resources ready and selecting the best available.

Our most recent perfect idea is considering FantaSea Yachts for a nice formal dinner aboard their luxury yacht Dandeana the day our family arrives. Haven’t asked yet, lol! I imagine they will know after this post, lol! A Halloween themed dinner cruise around the Marina would be amaza-zing (totally a word). We’ll see what happens by then. Crossing fingers!

Linen and flowers meetings went well, which means our final color choice is complete.  Let the Maid of Honor dress hunt begin!

Having fun multi-tasking, excited about my wedding and being able to be a part of so many other happy brides special moments before I myself have some of my own.

81 days and counting…Bring it on. Keep Calm and Marry On!


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