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When you’re a Wedding Coordinator, You’re not just a Wedding Coordinator….

Posted October 20, 2010 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Advice from Special Events Producer Teresa MacPherson.

Planning a wedding usually starts off with a very excited, very happy newly engaged couple. They are sooo in love and can’t wait to start planning the best day of their lives….then reality hits. Planning a wedding is A LOT of work – they need a coordinator.

Most brides have been thinking of this day since they were little girls and now it’s their mission, their goal in life – to make this lifelong dream come true. The perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect cake, the perfect hair, the perfect bridal party….and of course, the perfect groom. And it’s the wedding coordinators job to make their dream a reality.

Many people think being a Wedding Coordinator is all about planning wedded bliss for the happy couple….and it is…but there are so many other “hats” wedding coordinators wear. We are therapists, we are negotiators, we are seamstresses and mediators.

There are many phases to planning a wedding and Wedding Coordinators are there to guide brides and grooms through it all. The first, and one of the most difficult phases, is the guest list. So many questions for couples come up, usually starting with a very simple question: Who do we invite?

–       Do we invite just close friends and family? Extended Family? Kids? Co-workers?

–       I haven’t talked to this friend since the second grade BUT we always said we would be at each others weddings

It can be exhausting and sometimes a bit overwhelming; this is the first time the “therapist” makes an appearance. If you like wine, I highly encourage a glass – or bottle – to help with the process.

Once the guest list is decided, then it’s onto the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, linens, gift favors….all have to coordinate and it’s the Wedding Coordinators job to make sure the wedding décor compliments the couples flair for style, while still looking good.

Once all of the details have been decided now it’s onto the big day. The day typically starts off with a nervous bride AND groom, and a few antsy, over-controlling family members and vendors.  The wedding coordinator is the mediator/ voice of reason between families, vendors and the bride. When we’re not keeping everyone calm, we can be found getting the bride into her dress, making sure the best man and maid of honor have the wedding bands and making sure the flower girls basket is full of petals to toss down the aisle our bride had dreamt about her whole life.

We are there to make the brides dream a reality, to create a memory, an experience no one will forget.  That’s what we do.


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Proud Moment

Posted October 4, 2010 by Fantasea Yachts Team


Daniel Ginzburg

I love what I do and the people I get to work with and meet.   There are many proud moments at FantaSea.  But today, I am very exited to announce that FantaSea Yachts launched our very own iPhone App.

To see our name and logo on the Apple web site and iTunes seems like a trophy after almost 30 years of consistently using Apple computers.  My father bought my first Apple (an Apple II plus in 8th grade) and I have been loyal ever since.

Speaking of loyalty, I want to thank our iPhone programmer, Russ Kohn, who has been a long standing client of FantaSea and our programming wizard behind a lot of our recent technological innovations.  Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come.

Please check out our iPhone App and let us know what you think. It’s Free! It offers a sunset calendar for Marina del Rey and we are pleased to present it as a helpful local guide and for all of our brides looking for the exact right moment to say “I do”.


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Posted October 2, 2010 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Jennifer PhotoSo one night I am looking online and I see this simple but elegant job posting.  At the time I was very content with a job I had loved for over 6 years on a beautiful golf course, but thought it never hurts to put your feelers out to see what might be around the corner….and WOW am I glad I did….From the first interview to the last I was continually impressed by each person that I met.  What stood out for me the most was how they where a family run business, and they took great pride in where they started and where they were at today.

Then I was invited as part of my interview to work one of the events along their seasoned GM.  This is where this small but very efficient company came to life.  Every employee I met treated me as if they had known me forever, and watching the team work together was like a fine oiled machine….in talking to them I found out how many of the staff had been there for well over 10 years, still smiling and still very happy…..this speaks volumes to me about the company….half way through the event I realized that this was the place I wanted to be at and I called my husband and said if they offer me the job I am taking it…..

So from a golf course where people yell “four” to let you know they are going to hit you…… to “welcome aboard”….simply means….. I am in for a smooth ride.


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