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Posted February 22, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Sleepover at Teresa's“Trust”  the single best word that comes to mind.  Last Saturday my five your old daughter, Liora, had her first “Sleep Over”.   It was at the home of Teresa MacPherson one of our Event Planners here at FantaSea Yachts.  Joining Teresa for a rare non-working Saturday night, was Jasmine Lee our General Manager and Kelsey Ray our newest Event Planner and a great addition to our team at FantaSea.   As any parent would say, our children are our most precious.    There was not one moment that I had any fears or doubts and seeing Liora’s beaming face in the morning was not a relief but an added joy.

I have so much personal and professional trust and confidence in our FantaSea team.  When I open our doors each day, I trust our team with my family’s business and yachts.  I trust them to treat our clients fairly and our captains to skipper our yachts safely.  Our FantaSea team has preformed their magic for many of my families and friends life moments, high and low.  In fact, Stephanie and I confidently placed our own wedding in the hands of  Jasmine and our FantaSea team now almost 9 years ago.

In an age of uncertainty, I am extremely grateful for the great comfort to be able to rely on such a trustworthy and capable team here at FantaSea Yachts.   Thank you.