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Checking off the to-do list…46 days to go!

Posted September 18, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

  • Violently checking off our to-do list with high fives all around. 46 days, Go Team! No more playing the “We’ve still got plenty of time” game. Invites are done man. Woo hoo! I’d like to thank FantaSea Staff Jasmine Lee & Stephanie Ginzburg for helping me rock these out in a jiffer. You guys are totally my work maids of honor ;o) The coordination and ideas these two had at the last minute was a lifesaver. Brides you are in good hands with our team. Seriously.
  • Ceremony décor almost completely purchased, flower girl baskets were only $4 each (Downtown Flower mart) and the surprise purchase of the weekend was my wedding band. Super sweet! Only set us back about $120 in white gold and real diamonds. I was ready to settle for an inexpensive but pretty Swarovski black crystals band for budget reasons, but my fiancé said “nope, not if I can help it”, which I was obviously fine with. Obviously.
  • RSVP’s are coming in at a glacial pace, which immediately makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
  • Reception: Changes to the flowers must be made asap as the maid of honor dresses do not match the muted green hydrangea we ordered a lot of. Teal and muted green… not so much. Still have to figure out the hanging reception décor but we have a good idea and this should be wrapped up shortly. The answer = moss, moss moss!
  • Bachelor/ette Party is booked and ready to rock. Mani’s & Pedi’s in the A.M for the girls only part of the day, local casino for the guys and we’re rocking Karaoke with a co-ed bash in the P.M for a true B-Party: Bachelor/ette & Birthday Bash. Can’t wait for my co-workers to bust a move on the mic! You have no idea!

It’s funny that I completely forgot about my upcoming birthday with all these wedding shenanigans. It was a deal sweetener that we had a celebrity sighting while booking it. Just adds to the wedding adventures. Game on! Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday to my fiancé!! Almost missed that one too. His birthday is tomorrow 9/19. Oopsie. Where’s my wedding binder?!  If it’s not in my binder, does it really exist right now? Lol. And we’re back.

Seriously though thank you FantaSea staff for helping this almost frantic bride stay sane. I guess it’s a huge blessing that I work for the best event planning company. Love you guys.

Call OUT!



Walking Proud – The TOMS Story

Posted June 14, 2011 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Years ago when my oldest daughter was in high school, she arrived home one day greatly excited about the fact that a guy in a small trailer behind her school was making shoes and better yet, donating a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair you purchased. “What an amazing thing to do” I said. Just a few short years later, I can tell you that all over the world, in small villages and mega cities alike, I have seen the works of TOMS stretched across many soles. Indeed an amazing thing to do.

For those of you that don’t know, TOMS, a local Santa Monica based company, was started back in 2006. In a matter of four short years, the TOMS One for One movement had given more than one million shoes to children in need around the world. This month, they launched the new TOMS eyewear One for One, giving the gift of either medical treatment, prescription glasses or sight -saving surgery to many in need.

It’s your social status charity awareness each and every time you put your shoes or glasses on! It’s a fabulous way to the give, it’s a fabulous way to show your global humanity side and they are as cool and easy as any global citizen would tell you. It’s the every generation, every situation, every reason why thing to do. What an amazing thing to do!

This month, we were excited to be a part of the TOMS staff summit hosted at the FantaSea Yacht Club in Marina del Rey.  They worked passionately for 3 long days sharing the mission, the enlightenment and the story to inspire those with a drive and ambition in TOMS.

The humble staff, supported largely by the direction, vision and kindness of Blake Mycoskie as their lead was a pleasure to host. They are young, bright, creative, ambitious and are definitely on a mission to spread the One for One message.

Inspiration strikes each of us in different forms. These days, I wear my inspiration on my sole. Perhaps in the near future, the world will look like a rosy place seen through the lenses of my “every stripe tells a story” glasses.

We are proud to have been a part of the TOMS story and hope that you all will join the One for One mission.


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Passion, Pride and People – That’s What Drives Me

Posted January 6, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

My name is Daniel Ginzburg and I am the co-owner of FantaSea Yachts & Yacht Club, where I have the distinct pleasure to work side by side with my wife, Stephanie, and my father, Uri, who founded the company in 1980 with one small yacht, Chelsea (named for the town where my parents lived in London when they were first married.) Years later, my father bought a shipyard where he built himself our first large yacht, Dandeana which he kindly named after my sister and me. Our fleet has since grown to include Regentsea and FantaSea One. They are all as beautiful and unique as the memories they’ve created. We even built our own beautiful ballroom overlooking the marina (and our yachts) which we named FantaSea Yacht Club.

It’s passion and pride that drive me to be the best I can be each day and it’s the people I work with, from guests to staff, that validate my hard work. I truly love working here and sharing in the creation and celebration of special events. I believe our staff is what makes our company so special – we truly are a family – and we love what we do. I have watched many of our team grow up here. I have seen busboys become bartenders, interns became event planners, dishwashers become chefs and crew becoming Captains. As the years have progressed, our children even work here now. We are three generations working together.

I invite you to visit our blog often so you can get to know us and let us share our stories and experiences with you. We appreciate your feedback and comments because we know as good as we think we are, we can always be better. Welcome aboard!


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