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Captain’s Corner ~ Safety and Beyond

Posted February 5, 2013 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Captain Jeff Gunn and Captain Joel Eve

Captain Jeff Gunn and Captain Joel Eve

From our perspective, there is nothing better than an over-qualified Captain when it comes to the yachting industry. Being responsible for you and your loved ones is a top order and taken very seriously at FantaSea. We love that our Captains have taken the extra step towards educating the yachting world both in Marina del Rey and outside of our very tranquil harbor. Captain Jeff Gunn, with FantaSea since 2008 not only teaches Advanced First Aid for the Maritime Institute and all our crew but has also started teaching safe boating for other yacht instructors for the National Safe Boating Council. Captain Joel Eve, with FantaSea since his first charter aboard the Dandeana, from Newport Beach to Catalina, September 13, 1988 completed the course in 2012. Captain Joel took the Close Quarters Boat Handling for Instructors Course at Lake Pleasant, Phoenix, Arizona in October. While all yacht charter companies have captains, very few (if any) have captains certified as instructors by NSBC.

For all our wedding couples, both Captain Jeff and Captain Joel as well as Captain Luis and Captain Juan Carlos are also able to perform wedding Ceremonies aboard the Dandeana, RegentSea and FantaSea One f0r a nominal fee of $250 ~ The perfect way to tie the Nautical Knot at FantaSea.

We congratulation Captain Jeff Gunn and Captain Joel on completing the NSBC Certification and appreciate the professionalism and dedication that they exude on a daily basis.



Happy Post Wedding week!

Posted November 13, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Wait a sec, no more Wedding day to look forward to?? *sniffles*

Our Wedding Weekend was absolutely blissful. The colors, linens, family, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, Yacht Cruise, Halloween Dinner and Honeymoon… All were overwhelmingly beautiful and surreal.

There were a couple hiccups that occurred the day of that only a trained Wedding eye would notice and of course the 3 hour drive made a couple family members a little hangry (hungry + angry = hangry) when they arrived, but all in all this was truly the experience we create for couples over and over again.

It was in fact… our turn to be married.

The Dandeana cruise started off the perfect week of events and can I just say my family was SUPER impressed with the level of luxury aboard the FantaSea flagship. My Mother in Law (feels good to say) couldn’t stop taking pictures of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. No lie. With a great big smile on her face, which to me meant she was having the time of her life. She even mentioned to me that she remembers cruising at a family wedding a few years back but she knows it wasn’t with FantaSea cause our yachts are must nicer. Thanks Mom!

Ceremony made everyone cry, as planned. So many compliments about how involved in the Ceremony our children were. We exchanged vows with the kids as well as rings, turns out our Ceremony was about 40 minutes long. Felt like 15 minutes. Music was hand picked by yours truly which was another compliment I received from many. Email me for our playlist, which included songs from Bjork, Magnet, The Shins, Willy Wonka, The Muppets & Labyrinth Soundtracks. Cocktail Hour went by way too fast and we found ourselves chasing the sunset for those perfect lighting shots and went straight to family style dinner. We actually were able to eat the food!! I am so excited. Most couples are unable to eat, are too wound up to eat, too busy to eat and so on and so forth. Not us. The food was fabulous; we had Beef Brisket  & Salmon with a fresh fruit salsa, home made tomato basil soup served with grilled cheese sandwiches & Yukon gold roasted potatoes. Beverages were a huge hit: Abuelitos Hot Chocolate, homemade horchata, PBR & Sangria.

Almost every single guest made a toast, which we expected and were able to pre-plan for. Our first dance was my husband and I to “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog and than our children joined in and we waltzed in circles around the dance floor. Several family members complimented on this as well. My Maids of Honor decorated the get-away car, which was a surprise, and we got to drive around town being honked at all weekend, which made the magic last a little longer. Very appreciated. Way to go girls. It was all very thick with family and emotions and visually breathtaking, just as we wanted.

A couple shout outs to our Honeymoon Venue “Victoria’s Last Resort in Cambria”, the wickedest & coolest Bed & Breakfast in California hands down.

Also, our Vacation Rental “Abella Garden Inn in Arroyo Grande”. Gina the owner straight up bust a move on the dance floor with my father in law, can’t wait for the pictures to surface. It was an awesome touch to have all of our family under one roof with just us as opposed to a hotel where you run into your family much less.  It had been about 3 years since I saw my Brother who lives in Texas and my Uncle’s who came from Tehachapi & Azusa. So them being around me constantly made my heart extra warm and fuzzy.

And now that it is all over, I am so sad! I am seriously suffering some post wedding blues.  I am trying to remind myself that life can begin now and our Happily Ever After had the perfect start, but on my first day back to work I found myself extra congratulating new brides to be out of sheer jealousy. My husband insists we do this every year to help keep the love refreshed and renewed. I am considering it heavily.

With lots of love and butterflies…

Your faithful wedding planner,

Mrs. Tiffani Call

Remember, keep calm and marry on.


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Cindy & Tim – At Last!

Posted September 6, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Nothing is better than the words of Thank You and Appreciation that come after the walk down the aisle. We are delighted to showcase the Wedding of Cindy & Tim, married aboard the Dandeana on Sunday, July 29, 2012. A special Thank you to Cindy & Tim for sharing your wonderful story of meeting and falling in love with me. What a pleasure it was to see you all on the way to your big day. They are first run in the DIY Awards as they created an absolutely stunning Art Deco Wedding complete with Tim’s custom made Wedding Backdrop and Gorgeous Red Uplighting.

Dear Jasmine and Stephanie,

Oh my gosh….how do we even begin to thank you for your amazing support, care, and service? Our wedding far exceeded our hopes and dreams and all of our friends and family are still talking about it as being the best and funnest wedding they have ever attended. We’ve also heard over and over again about the Dandeana staff and how “every single one of them had you guys’ backs, from the captain to the bartender, to that amazing woman (that’s you Jasmine) that kept everything rolling and was one step ahead the entire night”. It makes me tear up even now just thinking about how absolutely beautiful it all turned out.

Venue: Dandeana, FantaSea Yachts – Marina del Rey

Flowers – Peony & Plum

Event Uplighting – The Perfect Event

Entertainment – Christine Alexandra Jazz Ensemble

Photography Credit – Dawn Chenette, Family Friend


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