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Yacht Party: By Day or Night?

Posted August 30, 2017 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Dandeana Yacht in Marina del Rey

Dandeana Yacht in Marina del Rey

Having your event on a yacht is a great way to make your bash stand out from the rest. From the breathtaking views and first-class service to the simple fact that you’re aboard a yacht, there are many unique characteristics.

One of the stark differences from a typical event venue is that, once aboard, you’ll enjoy a beautiful cruise on the water–an exciting feature for our clients and their guests. Depending on the time of day, your celebration can bask in the famous Southern California sunshine or sparkle under the night stars. This leads to a question we often hear from our clients: Should we hold our event during the day or at night? While both have their advantages, there are a few questions to consider first.

How formal is it?
Evaluate the scope of your event. Do you envision cocktail dresses and sharp suits? Formal gowns and classic tuxedos? Then your event is best suited for the evening. If you’re opting for a more casual feel with a bright, airy vibe then daytime is probably best.

A general rule of thumb is that formal events (e.g. weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, proms, corporate galas, etc.) are planned in the evening while lighter celebrations (e.g. family reunions, baby and bridal showers, engagement and graduation parties, etc.) occur during the day.

Who’s invited?
Scan your guest list and get a sense of the invitees. Are they early birds? Night owls? Are their weekends filled with work shifts and kid’s soccer games? If you answered “yes,” then an evening event will most likely be preferred. If the group is a little more flexible (i.e. not tied to a specific schedule) then a midday jaunt will probably work just fine.

What’s on the menu?

Decide what you plan to serve your guests. If you’re feeling a three-course sit down dinner complete with bread service and passed hors d’oeuvres, the evening is more appropriate. Daytime events are a little more comfortable and often call for a more casual setting featuring a fantastic buffet or a gorgeous brunch spread. Either way, food is a MUST for any event and should be served accordingly.

Sunset, stars or sunny skies?
Many clients consider the gorgeous backdrop of the Marina del Rey harbor as an enhanced feature of their event. In this case, clients look forward to a spectacular sunset for amazing photos while others rely on the twinkling lights of the harbor and stars to add a romantic feel. Our daytime clients really emphasize the sights on the water and enjoy the incomparable views of the Los Angeles coastline–from Catalina Island and the Palos Verdes peninsula all the way to Malibu. Daytime events are also fun for spotting wildlife and seeing other yachts in the harbor. It all depends on what your goal is. What do you want to experience with your guests?

Other factors to consider are enhancements like lighting. Did you want to do special uplighting? A gobo on the dance floor or on the side of the yacht? Does your event have specific colors or theme you want to feature? Did you want to use glow sticks on the dance floor or have sparklers for your grand exit once the yacht docks? Or did you want to keep it simple with natural lighting? These are all questions that will help determine when to hold your event.

We hope this information helped guide you in the right direction with your event planning. For additional details, please call 310-827-2220 or click here to submit an event query form.

~ The FantaSea Yachts Team


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FantaSea Yachts and the Celebration of Life

Posted June 4, 2017 by Fantasea Yachts Team

At FantaSea Yachts, we believe that life’s important moments are meant to be celebrated. The joy of a wedding. The accomplishment of graduation. The happiness of a milestone birthday.The achievement of retirement. The excitement of a new baby. The zeal of cultural traditions.

More recently, we’ve seen a newer occasion make its way to the list—The celebration of life. We’ve been honored to plan such services for our clients and their loved ones. It’s often filled with tears (both happy and sad), laughter and many sweetly shared memories.  

In thinking about those services we’ve planned, we’ve highlighted the top five reasons people have chosen to celebrate the life of their loved one with us.


The ocean: There’s no denying it—There’s just something about the ocean. Especially during moments of grief. We’ve found that many of our guests find peace being on the water (our cruises take you to the end of the Marina del Rey harbor right to the edge of the open sea). The ocean is a natural, serene environment that often evokes a sense of serenity and calmness. The open decks of our yachts allow guests to move around, take in the wonder of the setting and just simply breathe and be with Mother Nature.

Ease of space: Each of our yachts is an open floor plan that’s customized to meet your needs. We’ve had clients designate areas for photos and various displays while others wanted to create a comfortable space for guests to sit and talk. Others have set up special entertainment or have found ways to incorporate hobbies of their loved one throughout the space. Whatever you decide, the yacht is 100% yours and ready to be molded as needed.

Exclusive area: Perhaps the biggest value of FantaSea Yachts is that the charter of our yachts ensures the absolute privacy of your event. Though a joyous celebration, this is also a time for healing and such a moment is often preferred to be private. Our exclusive yacht charters guarantee that privacy and dedicated space for your needs.

Staff & catering: We’re committed to ensuring that your time is spent exactly how you want—Visiting with your loved ones. Our highly experienced event team handles the logistics and details so you don’t have to worry about a thing and can focus on the experience being shared. Additionally, we offer full-service catering that can be tailored to honor your event.

We’re a family: FantaSea Yachts is family-owned and operated and has been serving greater Los Angeles for more than 35 years. Much of our staff has been with us for 10, 15, 20 years. We listen. Are empathetic. Pour careful thought into our planning. Put simply, we care about your family because we ARE a family.

Life is meant to be celebrated. Life is meant to be honored. Life is meant to be cherished. To learn more or to inquire about our services, please visit

~ The FantaSea Yachts team


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The B word and Saying “Yes” to the Dress!

Posted May 22, 2013 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Tiffani's Dream Dress

Tiffani's Dream Dress

Your wedding, your way – your dress, the budget way.

After selecting the man of your dreams and the wedding venue of your dreams at FantaSea, the next suggested check mark off your to-do list, depending on how soon your wedding day is approaching, is the dress. This blog is dedicated to the brides that don’t mess around!

Bridal Shops – Both Boutique and Popular Chains – This is the typical bridal gown experience. Round one – gather your girls, hit the bridal shops all weekend, narrow down your choices, weep silently at the price tag, make a decision. Your gown is paid for, ordered and arrives between 6-8 weeks (sometimes longer) to the shop you purchased. Round two – alterations begin. This tried and true and sometimes pricey process allows you to really customize, form fit and alter your gown to your body needs.

Online Shopping – I know what you may be thinking. What!!? Over and Over again I hear Brides that are worried about buying gowns online without trying them on first. To those brides I would like to say that many of the Bridal Shops mentioned above order your gown from a third party at wholesale costs and have it shipped to their store.  Can you save thousands of dollars for the exact same gowns or high quality reproductions you would get at many famous bridal shops or chains?

Yes, you can. I truly talk the talk here. For my own November 2012 dream wedding, I did it! My success story and price tag have amazed dozens of brides since.

I decided the best way to find out what dress would fit my body best would be to try on every wedding dress I thought would do it for me. After about a dozen gowns and numerous opinions, I found the perfect fit and style for my body. Credit for finding the website I chose goes to my MOH.  She suggested that I consider the internet for Bridal Party gowns which lead to hours of searching a massive online inventory until finally finding the perfect dress.  All my requests (long torso, ball gown, Ivory, sleeve options, heavy embroidery and tons of tulle).  The site builds your dress based on your measurements and color choice. At no additional cost, I requested the ivory fabric accents roses and corset ties to be changed to black to match my unique black diamond wedding ring. I even found an online promo code as well that gave me free shipping.  The online option just kept getting better.

I will admit that I was nervous awaiting the arrival of my wedding dress not knowing what to expect but figured it was an experiment that could save me and my future brides – a heck of a lot of money.

Imagine my reaction when an oversized football package from Singapore arrived. Nervously and carefully I open the package, convinced it would end horribly. Like some Fairy Tale scene, my gown magically expanded into the most beautiful gown I had ever seen. Not only did it look incredible, it fit perfectly. It was MY dream gown, made just for me. The dress of my dreams = $175. So, with great success myself, I say “if you’re on a budget, it wouldn’t hurt to consider it.”

My new project is searching for a company that will preserve my dream gown.  On the wall or in display or on one of those wire body frames you see at stores. I feel like just propping that bad boy in the corner of my bedroom. I don’t ever want just put it in a box somewhere. I want to see it every day as a reminder that dreams (and budgets) really do come true.

Keep calm and gown up!


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