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Flowers Anyone?

Posted April 12, 2013 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Being the “Do It Yourself” fanatic that I am, I recently decided to boost my DIY knowledge and attend flower school in Los Angeles. After searching through the numerous options available based on my schedule at FantaSea and as a full time mother of four, I chose the Los Angeles Flower School of Design run by Michael Gaffney.

World renowned floral designer Michael Gaffney teaches flower design from the ground up. Once upon a time, Michael Gaffney worked away in a cubicle on Wall Street. Overworked and uninspired, he didn’t really know how unsatisfied he was until one day, on a visit to his Midwest hometown, he stepped into a flower shop.

“I realized how much flowers can affect a person. They’re part of every stage of life – birth, death, weddings, funerals, memories, romance. And I saw how good designs make a stronger impact. Suddenly, I wanted to be part of that. I saw floral design as a way to help people renew, recover, express sympathy, fall in love, and share friendship. And in doing that, I understood that I could actually make a good living, doing something I love, while adding beauty and flair to events that touch people’s lives.”

Michael’s floral designs have graced a wide spectrum of occasions, from a simple first date bouquet to grand wedding arrangements; from movie sets to haute couture fashion shows, and everything in between. “I came to see myself as an artist for people’s emotions. I made a good living, yes, but my art made other people happy. It was remarkably satisfying. And flowers, of course, grow and bloom, but they don’t last forever. They disappear. It’s a medium that’s both dynamic and ethereal. You’re always being called on to create something new, but it won’t last either. And that’s okay. That’s what makes every bouquet, every event special. It’s like working every single day with the best things in life – flowers, certainly, together with energy, creativity, reinvention, renewal.”

Michael, with the help of two beautiful assistants, Kim and Erika are truly hands on. Standing over your shoulder, insisting on perfection and making you re-work anything that is not Star quality is a huge help. Keeping with the FantaSea motto, I’m still learning  everyday, and teaching new lessons everyday. How else do you stay on top of trends, pass educated information on to your clients and learn a new talent? You open your world to learning new lessons. I’ll be sharing my experiences week by week and will showcase the designs that we create in class on Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest.


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Vendor Spotlight – Dan Wilson of the Perfect Event, Inc.

Posted February 5, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

You’ve booked your venue…now you need everything else…DJ, photographer, videographer, lighting…the list can go on and the details can become overwhelming. Aside from FantaSea’s fabulous staff of Event Producers, Dan Wilson of “The Perfect Event, Inc.” is your number one resource!

He is everything you want in an Event Designer –Resourceful, Creative, Dedicated, Inventive, Passionate and Knowledgeable. With a company name like “The Perfect Event, Inc.” every event Dan produces is held to that standard.

Dan started his company 7 years ago with the concept of being the facilitator/middle man for his clients. Instead of you having to find all of your vendors, he does it for you. He also recommends up-lighting as a great cost-effective way to enhance and add ambiance to your event.

We at FantaSea have had the privilege of working with The Perfect Event, Inc. in all of our venues – Dandeana, RegentSea, FantaSea One and our waterfront Yacht Club. With over 650 successful events produced last year, several with FantaSea, there’s no wonder why Dan Wilson and The Perfect Event, Inc. are our vendor spotlight of the week.

Thank you Dan for your creativity, professionalism and attention to detail. We look forward to another successful year of collaboration!

For more information about Dan Wilson and The Perfect Event, Inc., please check out their website.


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