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Memorial Day – Let us Remember

Posted May 23, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Originally called “Declaration Day”, Memorial Day is a day dedicated to remembering those who have served our nation. A day for us to reflect and enjoy the freedom we have thanks to the men & women of our armed forces.

We take for granted that we get to experience our loved ones every day. We have the freedom to shower, eat the food we want to eat, enjoy fresh air (ok…for those in LA…maybe not the best air, but certainly not the worst). Yes, we have the frustrations of real life, but I can say with certainty we are not sleeping in a dirt ditch with a gun on our chest “just in case it’s needed” all to protect the lives of millions of people we don’t know; this is what our soldiers do every day during a tour.

Until recently, I’ve never personally known anyone who has served our country overseas. My friend Josh is currently over in Afghanistan serving a yearlong tour. When I found out he was going overseas I committed to sending him and his fellow soldiers one care-package a month.  Although it’s something so easy for me to do…it means the world to the soldiers.

In line with the care packages, our company, FantaSea Yachts is proud to offer military discounts to all of those who have served – or are currently serving. We are honored to be a part in the celebrations and of our armed forces. Not only do we offer a military discount for any of our venues – FantaSea One, RegentSea, Dandeana or our Yacht Club –we are also flexible with date changes due to deployment schedules.

FantaSea Salutes Supporting Our Servicemen and is proud to offer a 10% + Bonus for US Armed Services and Veteran Discount with Proof of Service. For more information about our Military Discounts, please see the link below.

To the men and women of our Armed Forces….we salute you, we celebrate you, we appreciate you….


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A Few Random Things Every Bride Should Think About

Posted April 5, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Even if you’ve been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, there are just some things you don’t think about….

Here are some helpful tips every bride should know before you get married:

– If you’re having hair and make-up done for your wedding make sure you have a trial run of both BEFORE your wedding day! Believe it or not many brides don’t and this has “potential disaster” written all over it

– Break in your wedding shoes!!! Ladies, we all know there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes… let alone on your wedding day…

– Have an emergency kit…some things to include:
a. shout wipes
b. deodorant
c. mini sewing kit
d. lotion, baby powder, vaseline
e. band aids and neosporin
f. hairspray
g. bobby pins
h. regular and double sided tape (you just never know!!)
i. cell phone charger

– Everyone will have an opinion and in my opinion….it’s easiest to just tell everyone “Yes!” they will never know the difference and this will save you a lot of frustration

– Be specific on your invitations whether or not guests are able to bring a date….if you’re not, this can turn into a very awkward conversation later on

– He wants to see YOU coming down the aisle, not someone who crashed dieted, lost a bunch of weight and looks nothing like the woman he fell in love with

– If you are changing your name the first change must be your social security card not your drivers license


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Vendor Spotlight – Peony & Plum

Posted March 7, 2012 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Peony & Plum Centerpiece

Peony & Plum Centerpiece

Exquisite. Extravagant. Elegant.

That’s what comes to mind when I think of the floral designs created by Peony & Plum and why they are FantaSea’s vendor spotlight of the week.

One night, after several years of helping friends create flower designs for their weddings, Susan Tom-Nellis had an epiphany and Peony & Plum was born!

At Peony & Plum, Susan’s goal has always remained the same – to find creative ways to make her clients’ events unique, fresh and specifically “them.” Susan works closely with all clients and makes sure each arrangement is tailor made to their specific taste and style….and not every design has to be just floral, she is not afraid to incorporate non-floral elements to accomplish the right look for you!

Some of the trends Susan has been seeing this year are ombre patterns…this is where your centerpiece starts off with a light shade of your color and slowly fades to dark (imagine ivory to pale pink to fuchsia); all white and yellow & gray are still big this year too.

One of Susan’s helpful hints for the budget-conscious…reuse your ceremony décor at your reception!

Whether you’re event is in our Yacht Club or onboard one of our yachts (Dandeana, RegentSea, FantaSea One) Susan and her team at Peony & Plum will bring your vision to life…after all, we all have the same goal…a successful and beautiful event with very happy clients!

For more information about Susan and her team at Peony & Plum, please check out her website, twitter and facebook.

Susan Tom-Nellis Peony & Plum Floral Design


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