A Few Random Things Every Bride Should Think About

by admin

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Even if you’ve been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, there are just some things you don’t think about….

Here are some helpful tips every bride should know before you get married:

– If you’re having hair and make-up done for your wedding make sure you have a trial run of both BEFORE your wedding day! Believe it or not many brides don’t and this has “potential disaster” written all over it

– Break in your wedding shoes!!! Ladies, we all know there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes… let alone on your wedding day…

– Have an emergency kit…some things to include:
a. shout wipes
b. deodorant
c. mini sewing kit
d. lotion, baby powder, vaseline
e. band aids and neosporin
f. hairspray
g. bobby pins
h. regular and double sided tape (you just never know!!)
i. cell phone charger

– Everyone will have an opinion and in my opinion….it’s easiest to just tell everyone “Yes!” they will never know the difference and this will save you a lot of frustration

– Be specific on your invitations whether or not guests are able to bring a date….if you’re not, this can turn into a very awkward conversation later on

– He wants to see YOU coming down the aisle, not someone who crashed dieted, lost a bunch of weight and looks nothing like the woman he fell in love with

– If you are changing your name the first change must be your social security card not your drivers license


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