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FantaSea’s Favorite Holiday Traditions

Posted December 19, 2011 by Fantasea Yachts Team

FantaSea Holiday Traditions2011 FantaSea Holiday Tree and Menorah

Shopping – check, spiked eggnog– check, holiday decorations up – check, clothes a size bigger than we wear all year long – check.

Now that we have those out of the way, it’s time for the FantaSea Staff to share some of our favorite holiday traditions!

Stephanie Ginzburg:
Stephanie loves eating her way through the Holiday Season; making Latkes and lighting candles with the kids, the “feel” of the season, the smiles on the faces of strangers and the anticipation of the New Year.

Jasmine Lee:
Jasmine’s favorite family tradition is spending the holidays with her family and her personal favorite is shopping for everyone! There is a new addition joining the Lee family this year, Jasmine’s malti-poo puppy Lily. Although Lily might not be familiar with the tradition of Christmas, I’m sure there will be plenty of gifts under the tree for her.

Kelsey Ray:
Kelsey and her sister travel home to Colorado to be with family. At Christmas everyone buys each other pajamas and they wear them Christmas morning when opening presents & stockings. They also do a lot of holiday baking together – chocolate covered pretzels, pumpkin rolls & reindeer cookies are a few of the favorites!

Teresa MacPherson:
Teresa travels to Boston to be with family. Christmas morning someone is dedicated to play “Santa” and hand out the gifts. After the presents are opened and her niece and nephew are playing with their toys Teresa and her Mom head into the kitchen to cook. While she and her mom are cooking, her older sister tortures everyone by watching “A Christmas Story” over and over and over again.

John Williams-Jacob:
John’s favorite childhood Holiday tradition started on Christmas Eve. He and his sister Cyndy would sing in the choir at Midnight Mass while his family watched proudly from the pews. After Mass everyone (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and others) gathered at his parents to feast on traditional southwestern holiday fare. They would eat, drink and discuss their plans for the New Year. By 4:00am John & his siblings would go to bed and by 6:00am, his parents would miraculously transform the living room into a child’s Christmas fantasy. He has no idea how is parents pulled this off…but in addition to having all the toys out and decorations up, his parents were bright and cheery! As John and his siblings have gotten older, they no longer party until 4:00 AM but still keep the tradition of Christmas Eve.

Maureen “Mo” Ness:
Mo travels to Connecticut to spend Christmas and New Years with her friends and family. Every Christmas Eve Mo cooks a feast for everyone…roasted pork, sausage tortellini soup and of course… Pinot Grigio. On Christmas Day her entire family gathers at her 94-year old Aunts’ house for another feast and holiday celebration.
Mo’s two-week long trip is topped off with a night on the town in New York City having a great Italian dinner and taking in a show.

Leslie Fernandez:
Leslie has a few favorite family traditions. The first is on Christmas Eve where her entire family – brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews – all go to her parents house and exchange gifts at midnight. Christmas morning everyone gathers at her parents again – all still in pajamas – and they have an all day long slumber party complete with pancake breakfast! The day after Christmas her family goes to Disneyland and Leslie’s favorite part is sipping hot chocolate while walking through Candy Cane Lane.


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