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Nothing Like Homemade

Posted October 30, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Left to right:  Chef de Cuisine Wilson Angel, Executive Chef Edward Valles and Sous Chef Ruben Guzman

Left to right: Chef de Cuisine Wilson Angel, Executive Chef Edward Valles and Sous Chef Ruben Guzman

On behalf of the kitchen team here at FantaSea Yachts, we take great pride in making everything from scratch.  From our salad dressings to every spring roll and canapé.  My staff and I have spent years perfecting our menu.  Together we have over 50 years experience in kitchen work.  We accept every challenge and meet every expectation.

It is very easy to buy products from our purveyor that are “ready made”. Perhaps in some cases it can be even more cost effective, but there is something about making good food from the heart and by hand.  The integrity of the food we serve is more important to us than the price.  We want our guests to taste all the ingredients in the food.  Ready made food is not bad, but we feel homemade is just much better and makes us proud of our craft.


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Dr. Seuss Visits FantaSea!

Posted October 26, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

As the sun sets down, over beautiful Marina del Rey,
we rolled out the red carpet on a perfect August day.

Guests of all ages, colors, shape and size,
were welcomed aboard to a whimsical surprise!

A life-sized Cat in the Hat pointed this way and that,
head to the party deck and bar, or stay in the lounge for a chat.

“Dr. Seuss?” they all cried, “what a wonderful theme!”
as the cocktail cruise began in twinkle lit gleam.

Back to the dock for a grand entrance and dinner reservations,
we opened the yacht club doors to show off more Seuss decorations.

Tables were named after all those famous Seuss tales,
Green Eggs and Ham and even the Grinch dressed the tables!

Dancing and games with white gloves and black light,
friends and family alike will never forget this night.

She called honored guests up, group by group in rhyme,
lighting one of thirteen candles, each in their own time.

For her endless love and care, she thanked her mother most of all,
a very special bat mitzvah for Jessi, the sweetest girl of all.



Captain’s Blog

Posted October 19, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Captain Joel Eve, Senior Captain at FantaSea Yachts & Yacht Club reporting from Marina del Rey:

It has been my great pleasure to have worked for FantaSea Yachts & Yacht Club since September of 1988.  FantaSea owns and operates the best three charter vessels in Southern California.  They are M.V. DANDEANA, M.V. REGENTSEA, and M.V. FANTASEA ONE.  Each one of these fine vessels has an interesting history and many stories to tell.

I have worked as a charter captain in the Marina since 1976 and watched Marina del Rey emerge as the World’s largest man-made yacht harbor, complete with world class anchorages for 6,000 boats, dozens of fine restaurants, several upscale shopping malls and many more attractions including a picturesque view of the scenic Santa Monica Bay coastline.

While browsing an issue of LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE in July of 1988, I came upon a full page ad featuring FantaSea Yachts displaying their latest vessel, M.V. DANDEANA.  I thought she was the most beautiful charter vessel that I had ever seen and knew that I was meant to work aboard the yacht.  So I contacted the company and the rest, as it is said, was history.

My position as Senior Captain with FantaSea is multi-faceted.  I help to ensure that our vessels are in a high state of readiness for Coast Guard inspections and this includes conducting safety drills for all crew and orientation for new captains.  We take pride in having excellent inspections with the U.S. Coast Guard.  It has also been my great pleasure to have mentored several of our deckhands so that they could obtain their captains licenses.  To date, four of our deckhands have earned their “stripes”.

I have had the honor of playing host to some very famous celebrities aboard our yachts.  I took Sir Anthony Hopkins to Catalina Island on the DANDEANA.  I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Hopkins about some of his acting work.  He was a most gracious gentleman.  I also had the honor of performing the marriage ceremony of Snoop Doggy Dogg on REGENTSEA.  When I signed his marriage license, he noted that I was left handed; he is also left handed!  FantaSea One was one of the venues for the filming of the remake of “Yours, Mine and Ours” with Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo.  I spent some time with Mr. Quaid and found out that he is a licensed private jet pilot.  We certainly had lots of time to talk about navigation, boating and flying.

Have a great charter,
Captain Joel


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