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Jeff and David Put Their Love On The Map

Posted April 30, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Every time I plan an event, especially weddings, I love to get very involved and go above and beyond expectations for my clients. I want to make sure our guests have a memorable and meaningful event with no concerns except having fun. Some of the most memorable weddings involve a theme, or décor, that reflects their personality and lifestyle.

That’s why when Jeff Hudson and David Garcia, two serious globe-trotters, came to me with their own “around the world” theme for their April 11th nuptials, I knew that their ceremony and reception would be unforgettable; transporting their guests to different worldwide locales without ever leaving Marina Del Rey! We worked closely with Peggy Kelly of Timeless celebrations, as well as, Jeff and David to make their vision come alive.

The ceremony was held aboard the RegentSea where they were re-married (the couple had been married legally back in October) and the reception was held in our Yacht Club. Throughout both sites the couple incorporated photos and trinkets of their travels, which the guests loved! Their ceremony and reception became like a living, breathing scrapbook and we noticed that the photos and trinkets initiated an exchange of great stories and conversations between guests.

This is a great tip for anyone planning their wedding right now – try to incorporate elements that will get your guests interacting. Jeff and David, who created many of the decorations themselves, turned the gazebo area of the Yacht Club into a Bistros of the world tribute. No element was forgotten and any European would have been proud of the colorful bistro lights that were strung, the hand-made shutters and window boxes that framed the view and the working water fountain that provided a mixed soundtrack of world music.

The centerpieces were beautiful floral adorned with mini-antiqued globes and Eiffel Tower and Chef statuettes. Their tables were the perfect compliment to the food. Being world travelers and having come to love so many cuisines, Jeff and David could not just settle on one. They wanted to have Mexican, Greek and Italian food, so we set up three stations in the Bistro in lieu of having the traditional seated dinner, or single buffet.  The cake was nothing short of amazing! Cake and Art created it to look like stacked suitcases and the top layer featured each of their passports as toppers. So creative and memorable for all the guests.

Jeff and David have been all over the world, but we take pleasure in knowing that one of their favorite memories took place right here at FantaSea!

Take a trip around the world with our slide show:


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A Special 1st Birthday

Posted April 23, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

When planning an event for a guest you often become personally connected, but there are some guests and events that become very special because they trigger personal memories.

On Sunday, April 12th, we hosted a traditional, Korean 1st Birthday Party for Jason and Kate Yi’s daughter, Chloe. The Korean 1st Birthday is called the Dol Jabi Party and in Korea is celebrated 100 days after your birth because they calculate the nine months of pregnancy into your age. Here in America, however, it is typically celebrated on the one year anniversary of your birth.

Chloe’s party took place on the Dandeana and everything from the pastel, pink balloons shaped like daisies to the tiara accents transformed the space into any little girl’s FantaSea. Chloe looked adorable in her Korean ceremonial garment, the Hanbok. During the party she partook in an important Dol Jabi Tradition where several items are placed in front of the baby and which ever item he/she chooses is supposed to predict the child’s personality and future. Chloe’s items included: a string (long life), a book (intelligence), a pencil (artistic), money (rich), food (never wanting) and a tiara (beautiful and cared for). Chloe picked the pencil, meaning she will be very artistic.

Seeing Chloe at her Dol Jabi, made me recall stories of me at my 1st Birthday. I had the choice of money, food, a book, or a mirror and according to my parents I grabbed for all of them at once. My parents joke and say that it meant I was greedy, but I think it predicted that I would be a great General Manager. At age one I wanted it all for myself and now I still want it all, only now I want it all for you – our guests!

Me at my Dol Jabi


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A White Wedding and a Colorful Reception

Posted April 20, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Irene Laura and Daniel Gutierrez recently had their wedding with us and they did a wonderful job using their ceremony to define one part of them and their reception to define another part of them. In order to accomplish this they used different color schemes and different locations (taking advantage of both our land and sea facilities

Both Irene and Daniel believe that the exchange of wedding vows is the most important part of a wedding and that the ceremony should take center stage. Their wedding on the Dandeana featured a traditional, white and ivory color palette that did not compete with, but perfectly complimented, their belief in the sanctity of the ceremony. Our in-house florist did a beautiful job with the different white florals and crystal accents. Their color choice did not distract from the natural scenery, after all they did get married on a yacht with the Pacific Ocean as their backdrop!

For the reception they moved the party inside to our Yacht Club, which has plenty of room for music and dancing. During the planning process they knew that with the change in venue, they also wanted a dramatic change in ambiance. Irene and Daniel are a fun, vibrant and sexy couple that loves to dance and wanted to convey that side of them through their reception décor, since their ceremony was going to be very traditional. They were unsure how to create the right look and I decided to focus on choosing dramatic table linens because linens are a high impact item. We spent hours pouring over colorful linens and finally found a dramatic, red, satin linen with an eye-popping print. The moment I saw their reaction I knew it was the perfect fabric! From that point on everything from the flowers to the cake table fell perfectly into place.

So, what did Irene and Daniel’s wedding décor say about them? They are a traditional couple, with good taste, that is not afraid to let loose and have some fun!


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