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DIY Tips From A Crafty Wedding Planner

Posted February 17, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Calling all crafters! Ladies and Gents, listen up! I spent the better part of my Saturday rubbing elbows with nearly 5,000 of the craftiest people in Los Angeles….well, technically Orange County Fair Grounds, at the 2009 Scrapbooking Expo that took place over the weekend. The most amazing items for everyday, for special occasions and for the habit forming art of scrapbooking. I know, half of you are thinking you just don’t have the time and the other half are thinking “I’m just not that crafty”. WRONG!

Scrapping is the original DIY – Do it Yourself – for many reasons. Scrapbooking is not just for books – it’s for everything and anything you can think of. From a simple paper border added to your votive candles, to an amazing personalized guest book or adding a delicate shade of pink ink to the edge of your white cardstock – let your inner crafter out!

Top three reasons to scrap your Wedding Day;

  1. You did itAdd a personal touch to items that will pass along to others over the years – truly yours, truly unique and truly artistic.
  2. Cost savings – Need I say anything else? Why buy a silly guest book that is made by someone else when you can create a masterpiece of your own?
  3. Inclusive Activities – with Bridesmaids, with mothers in law, family and friends – You can do it together or include items to guests that they will participate in prior to your day. Plus, you can show family and friends how much they mean to you by adding a touch of them to your items.

I have found great pleasure in recent years, looking not only back at the times I shared with others, but looking at the pictures and invitations and small items that have found a permanent place on the wall instead of a box tucked away for the next generation.

For me, I’ll spend the next couple of days digging out from under the bags of purchased items – and I’ll get some of the shots in the blog for next week – Happy Scrapping!


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Nick and Jamie’s FantaSea Wedding

Posted February 5, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Here’s another great couple I was fortunate to get to know while planning their gorgeous reception in our Yacht Club overlooking the Marina.

Nick and Jamie were great to work with – they started their planning in April for the November wedding. Jamie’s a producer so she had pretty specific ideas of what she wanted…we followed every one to the T and she was super happy!

They were great to work with and made their vision possible with the communication of her needs and wishes. This is my absolute best advice to couples out there – if you communicate well with your planner you will have everything you want, exactly how you want it!

Their reception was so much fun and I could tell that Nick and Jamie were happy and having a great time with their friends and family!

Thank you for letting me help you bring your beautiful vision to life…I hope you’ll come back and celebrate all your special occasions with us!


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"Love Katz" Evan and Bridget – November 1, 2008

Posted February 2, 2009 by Fantasea Yachts Team

Evan and Bridget – the most uncommon introduction to a bride I’ve ever had…well, that’s because my very busy bride worked in a demanding travel planning position and I had the pleasure of starting our planning process with Evan the groom.

Evan, a published author and official “dating coach,” was doing all the research and throwing in the towel for the girl of his dreams. I knew without meeting Bridget that she must be an amazing girl to have snagged such a charming, funny guy. Right on and right on target from the first hello, I could tell they were full of laughter, full of fun and that this wedding would be an amazing experience for all.

Not having the same religion nor the same upbringing – they instantly reminded me of my own life and I felt a personal connection throughout the entire process. They enjoyed very much the intimate details of planning and the process of the “wedding weekend” – kicked off with a rehearsal aboard the RegentSea with a wedding coordinator that donned a Cheerleading costume pulled from moth balls from my ninth grade year and completed the rehearsal dinner at a friends house in costume! Yes, it was Halloween and they had a great party that included passing out candy to the neighborhood kids; a tequila bar (not for the kids); a fruit cart guy commonly seen on the streets of Los Angeles in full costume.

Their Wedding Ceremony took place aboard the RegentSea with the Reception following in the FantaSea Yacht Club. Their first dance after the bride changed into a sweet little white dress was a super hot salsa dance set to the music of The Cure – “Love Cats” (Evan’s last name is Katz!)

They have a great photo montage here that you must check out!


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