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Bar/Bat Mitzvah FAQ

Need more details about hosting your bar or bat mitzvah at FantaSea Yachts? Browse the questions and answers below. If you have a question that isn't answered below, contact us!

I get seasick – do you offer Dramamine onboard?

Marina del Rey is a protected body of water in the largest man-made Marina in the United States. We cruise 5 knots top speed in the Marina, offering your guests a tranquil pleasant experience onboard our vessels.

Who is responsible for taking care of all the set-up and details?

We are! We take care of all the set-up prior to guest boarding.

Many of our guests are children, are they safe onboard?

We are a Coast Guard Certified Yacht Company, celebrating almost 30 years in the industry and have proven safety records. We welcome children of all ages.

What do I do with gifts brought to the Event?

We set-up a reception table and have one of your assigned relatives or friends receive your gifts. They are bagged later in the evening and are taken home with you at the end of your party.

When do we offer our guests favors?

As a rule of thumb – on the table if it is edible, on the way out if it is not.

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